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Lately, I find myself more interested in décor than I’ve been in the past. So many things have begun to catch my eye! I think it all sparked when a couple of friends expressed their desires to freshen up their homes and I was involuntarily drafted in their adventures. I took a few home furnishings classes in undergrad so I dusted off those old skills and got to work.



So if you’re like me and your bored with it all, let me help you fall in love with your living spaces all over again. Let’s spruce up those dull white walls. There are several ways to dress up the walls of your living spaces that are quick, affordable, and more importantly on-trend.

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1. Paint

ideas to paint your room

Of course this is a no-brainer, but things are taking a much-anticipated turn from the long time standard of beige–and I’m so happy! Their are two colors I adore that happen to be polar opposites: navy blue and grey. Incorporating navy blue into your home décor can evoke either two responses: “I love it!” or “Oh hell no!” As with any design being aesthetically pleasing, it’s all about balance. I particularly love the richness of the color. Pair it with stark white and a metallic. Yes I love color, we discussed my obsession with gold last week!

home decor blue and grey

If blue is too dark for your taste, grey hues are popular palettes as well. It serves a great neutral and can be paired with virtually every color. Sherwin Williams has a grey, “Crushed Ice,” that I absolutely adore with all my heart. It gives a beautiful hue that actually resembles its namesake, crushed ice.


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  1. February 18, 2014 / 11:23 pm

    I love the idea of doing a gallery wall. I once saw an image on pinterest where a lady framed shopping bags from Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, and a few other recognizable places…I thought that was a very cute way to decorate. I will SO be doing that in the bedroom I will be converting into a closet someday!
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