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So about NYC’s Wine & Food Festival–it was wildly amazing! I’ve recently decided to relinquish all of my inhibitions when it comes to food. My palette is far less progressive than your average 39-year-old so I’ve been doing everything in my power to change that. The New York Wine & Food Festival seemed like a great place to challenge my taste buds.


Thanks to Buick I was able to experience some of the best food pairings by some of the top chefs. I know you’re wondering what on earth does a car brand have to do with food and or wine (no drinking and driving people!).


Buick vehicle designers spend years perfecting their craft and the cars we drive. Many of them are literally following their gut as they create tomorrow’s vehicles. Get it…their gut! LOL. From the elegant simplicity of the local farmer’s market to elaborate prix fare dinners on Instagram, Buick designers are using the universal appeal of good food to inspire color and trim choices of the latest Buick models.

“We are developing our future vehicles with our customers’ passions and interests in mind,” said Cathy Black, lead designer, global Buick Color and Trim. “We know our customers are passionate about food and hosting dinner parties for close friends and family. They value the quality time and sharing a good meal. Having this customer insight prompted us to start exploring the culinary world as a source of color and texture inspiration several years ago.”

Speaking of hosting dinner parties and sharing a good meal with friends, I got so many ideas from the New York Wine & Food Festival. But there were three very specific reasons why I loved attending this festival.



This could be a no brainer but I’ve been to plenty of festivals where the food was subpar (or better yet, nasty!). Not here! If you happen to snag a ticket or decide to cop one on your own (it is for charity I believe, at least that’s the rumor…do your own research), you must go both days.

Friday night was the Burger Bash. Let me set the picture for you.

Imagine a rooftop filled with all kinds of burgers–some on your left and some on your right! And the goal is the conquer the room and taste all of the different types of burgers available to you! I promise you, you will not finish the room.

Yes, this is a chicken and waffle sandwich!

Yes, this is a chicken and waffle sandwich!

I made it to maybe four booths before my belly began to speak in tongue and surrendered. However! I did manage to squeeze in this chicken and waffle sandwich after seeing a friend post it on Instagram. You’d be surprised what you can do if you breathe and chew, LOL.



Silly of the government for ever wanting this to be illegal. There’s something heaven-like that exists in a good cocktail or a chilled glass of wine. Lucky for us, that whole prohibition thing only lasted a decade or so and now we can indulge whenever the mood sets in.


During the festival I tasted a little bit of everything. Wines, liqueurs, fancy french cocktails…my palette was quite entertained.



I usually hate crowds. But when you combine the love of food and wine everyone seems to be extra polite and super welcoming. Maybe food and wine should be free!

I digress. If you have a chance check out The New York Wine & Food Festival please do so!



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