I’ve only been living in New York for 4 days and I’ve realized 2 things. One, I am seriously out of shape. 3 flights have got a sister winded to say the very least about those steps, that I often wished would turn into an escalator. Two, if I continue to eat out everyday, all day, I will be fat(er) and broke(er). So I was on the hunt for a solution.


I turned to my trusty smartphone. I was quickly reminded why we love our phones so much. Check out 3 easy ways to get healthier using your smartphone.



1. Nike Training Club App – By far one of my favorites. I was first introduced to the app last year (read that post here). I documented how well it worked for me. I love this app, and I even lost 10 lb. when I was going to the gym and using it on the regular.  

2. Digital Motivation – Pick your poison. Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Now that Pinterest has updated their Android app, Instagram my have some competition. But for now I live and breathe Instagram. It’s the first app I open in the mornings before I do anything. I mean before I brush my teeth, smh.

The above is a picture of one of my favorite IGers. She’s a super fit chick and always keeps me motivated with her posts. From exercising, to stretch moves, and healthy food recipes. Follow her @mankofit.

3. Recipe Apps. OMGeezy 3,914 results! How many options for recipe apps come up on your phone? Literally tons right. So there’s absolutely no reason I should see you in the line at our fav fast food spot because we’re gonna try out one (or 5) of these fabulous recipe apps. RIIIIGHT!?

SO I know we love to get on and off the wagon. But a new season is upon us. What’s on your get fit list!?

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