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It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, LOL. In just a few days we will say “So Long” to 2010 and “Hey There” to 2011. This year, like years before, left us a few fashion memories to cry, chuckle, and be grossed out about.



The Airbrush Syndrome

Photoshop can often times be the death of fashion. Placing heads on another body, creating a new un-lifelike hip, or even transforming a 50 something year old fashionista into a 30 year old fashion goddess. 3 scandals that made the blogosphere haute this year:

The Curious Case of Demi Moore’s Left Hip (or lack thereof)

The Evolution of BryanBoy.com

Just how famous can a blogger get? Recently the uber fab blogger, Bryan Boy, admitted that he makes around $100k a year.

Anyone who is surprised at this figure has not been following his journey. From having a Marc Jacobs bag named after him, to his appearances and front row sightings, to tweeting about an item and it mysteriously ends up in his closet, those figures just might add up.












OM-Obama: The “What Michelle Wears Obsession”

IDK what the obsession is but from the moment we knew she was our first lady we began following her every wardrobe change. It all started with her ensemble from Isabel Toledo and one year later we’ve crowned her the Jackie O of our time.





An Iced Out Production – Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Oh how does one reinvent the wheel? Karl Lagerfield decided to add a bit of ice to it. After your fourth fashion show of the day it can get a bit drab. All the models look alike, the makeup trends are boring, and hey … you’re worried about getting all your writing deadlines completed. But what fashionista or writer wasn’t in awe at the Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 Collection to see those iceberg backdrops that Karl had imported all the way from Norway.

Fashion’s Night Out (or IN)

During a time that our generation might have called the “Great Depression”, Anna Wintour decides to change the economic tone.

What better way to revive fashion then to have a night full of shopping. Trick us all into spending money we don’t have by promising us celebrity appearances, and one day only sales.



Alexander McQueen’s Death and Rebirth

I was at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week when I awoke to the news. Alexander McQueen dies at 40. Moments later, Alexander McQueen committed suicide. My heart dropped. I’ve been a McQueen fan for some time. It’s truly hard to imagine how fashion will live without him. And in the door walks Sarah Burton to sooth our souls of this lost.




Naomi’s Fashion For Relief

In February 2010 for the first time ever in fashion week history you, yes you, could buy a ticket to NYFW show. And as an added bonus the proceeds aided the individuals of Haiti. All thanks to Naomi.

I was there that day and this vibe could not be recreated. Although Anna Wintour tried once more in September 2010 with an outdoor show full of 100 or so models styled by Vogue’s Tabitha Simmons.







Fashion Newest Young Style Icon – Willow Smith

I am still confused as to how this 10 year old became so cute, so popular, so fast. Oh wait – she’s the product of 2 gorge hollywood stars, Jada and Will. She’s got her mom’s style and her dad’s ears and the stuff in between them too. From Milan Fashion Week, to having her own hit song, to touring with Justin – how can you NOT love little Will Smith, I mean Willow.







Lady Gaga & her Meat (dress)

We got a glimpse of her meat (dress) gracing the cover of Vogue but who thought she was going to actually wear that mess outside the studio.

No words to describe how grossed out I am!














Lanvin for H&M {Arguably the best fashion collabo ever!}

Ahhh, when luxury meets affordability! Some genius decided to let us regular folks in on the lux-apparel by doing great collabos with retailers like H&M, Target, and GAP. But of all the lux-aff (new word) creations, Lanvin for H&M was by far the most talked about. Every blog there is and was tweeted it or blogged it. It was only right. First the buzz came, then the videos, then sneak peak pictures, and more pictures, followed by the actual look book, and then an exclusive fashion show and a huge store grand opening in New York. Which might I point out drew a line down the street and around the corner.


I welcome 2011 with open arms, and I am ready to create a few fashion memories of my own! What memories do you plan to create in the new year.

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  1. CestTendance
    December 23, 2010 / 6:56 pm

    Awesome job! I absolutely agree all this moments like the most important of 2010!
    Happy New Year! 😀


  2. HeyBella
    December 23, 2010 / 7:24 pm

    Thanks! It was hard picking just 10.

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