10 Of The Worst Fashion Trends Ever! (Hope You’re Not Still Wearing These)

worst trends ever

Trends are a part of our culture. They come out faster than we can count, and some leave slower than we want. If you wore any of these fashions listed below, we won’t hold it against you (just kidding, we’re silently judging!), but don’t fret. The times of the worst trends are long gone.

Take a look at the top 10 worst fashion trends ever!

1. Livestrong Bracelets


I mean, they were for a good cause and all, but when you’re revolving your outfit around a yellow rubber bracelet, that’s when things get awkward. Not to mention Livestrong spawned a whole slew of knockoffs that said things like, “fierce” and “hottie,” we knew the trend got out of hand.

2. Ugg Boots

ugg boots

Yes, they’re warm. Yes, they’re super comfy. One thing no one can deny, though? They’re UGLY. Uggs crept over to the United States from Australia, and it spread like wildfire. Pairing boots when you’re wearing shorts or a skirt was when we realized that people were wearing them mostly all year round only to smite the rest of us.

3. High-low dresses

the hi low dress

Okay, these really don’t make sense. I know, I know, fashion doesn’t have to make sense, but there is nothing worse than a bipolar article of clothing! This is the mullet of trends — business in the front, party in the back. And who likes mullets? That’s right. No one.

4. Manolo Blahnik Timbs

j-lo manolo blahnik

J. Lo made these famous when she wore them in her “Jenny from the Block” video, and everything took off from there. Timbs were never really a woman’s shoe; we just wore them out of necessity. So to slap a heel on a man’s boot was unsexy. And the things we paired them with? Basketball jersey dresses. I’ll leave you with your thoughts.

5. Trucker hats

jay z trucker hat

Thanks to Ashton Kutcher, trucker hats were all the rage, especially Von Dutch. You’d be pressed to find someone who wasn’t sporting one of these, and, of course they were tilted to the side. If Von Dutch wasn’t bad enough, there were others ones sported like John Deere — you know, the lawnmower company? You know you weren’t mowing any damn lawns.

6. Crocs

Diddy hides face while walking with Cassie in New York City


Crocs. Crocs. Crocs. They’re like shower shoes that you wear … everywhere. Just like Uggs, they’re said to be super comfortable, but who the hell cares when you’re rocking rubber clog slingbacks? Even Puff fell victim to it. For shame.

7. True Religion Jeans


These western themed jeans are part of the official uniform of credit scammers worldwide. The thick stitching and horseshoes on the butt are so obnoxious, people will see that you’re a douchebag from a block away. And you want people to be close up when they realize that, right?

8. Coach Bags

coach bags

Nothing screamed “I want to be new money so badly but I don’t know what that means” more than Coach bags. They spawned the checkered logo trend, like Dooney & Bourke and Michael Kors. But once you saw every other girl at the mall with the same bag as you, as well as that kiosk you just passed, you knew that Coach bags were DOA.

9. Juicy Couture

eva longoria 221009

Sure, velour and terrycloth suits are comfy. They pretty much became expensive airport wear and a status symbol that said, “Hey, I spend a lot of money to wear sewn towels.” Omg, and remember when some of them were bedazzled and jazzed up with crowns and scepters (take that, Kenya Moore!)? It was time to take that towel and throw it in.

10. Ed Hardy


Anytime you see an adaptation of an annoying trend at a store named after fruit like Strawberry or Papaya, you know that style is WASHED. Ed Hardy and their tattooed “love kills” shirts were no exception. It was just loud and tacky, normally to match the personality of who was wearing it.

Did I miss any? What other awful trends were out there?





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10 Responses to 10 Of The Worst Fashion Trends Ever! (Hope You’re Not Still Wearing These)

  1. Lyne A says:

    hilarious! I spit a little at sewn towels. I praise God I had escape almost all of these except for UGG! they so comfy though! #hideface
    Lyne A recently posted..Wake Up Wednesday Linky & giveawayMy Profile

  2. Tunedin says:

    I love this…I thought it was just me that didn’t like these things…!!!

  3. Vmom says:

    Sorry my uggs &coach bag are everday glam for this busy mom of 4..Also my crocs are the go to garden shoe, I keep them at the back door. You can make the your investment work longer than a trend.

  4. Drea says:

    I’m still not over UGG boots. They’re just so comfy in the winter.

  5. Rosalyn says:

    I love my Manolo Blahnik Timbs
    Including Coach .. Everything else can go ..

  6. MrsPR says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Coach, Ugg’s or Crocs, there’s nothing wrong with Coach being affordable, Coach has been around since 1944, and they can afford to bring the prices down, new money or not there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t like to save!!!

  7. Mar'Taja says:

    Lol I LOVE this!

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