She’s Mad Because I Bought The Same Olivia Pope-Chic Winter White Faux Fur Stole, Should I Care?

faux fur scarf

So you’ve just purchased this marvelous winter white faux fur stole. I’m apparently not the girl you divulge where you purchased it from.

You see, some girls are asking where you bought that from just out of curiosity, or they’re following that question up with a compliment… or they just wanna see which side of the big baller scale your wallet lives on. #NOSEYBuckets

Well let me confess! I’M ONLY asking you because I like what you’re wearing and I plan to go out to explore the retailers relentlessly to find it, immediately!

I might slide in an, “OMG, you look amazing!,” but please be certain of this one fact–I plan cop what you got!

faux fur scarf from zara
So my friend came into work a few weeks ago with this exact same stole on (isn’t she amazing). I loved it instantly! I had already envisioned which coat I planned to pair her with, and the exact temperature it needed to be outside in order for me to wear her without having a menopausal moment (oh just me, oh ok)!

Of course I started with a compliment before asking what I really wanted to know. I mean… do I need to start with a disclaimer. Like, “Where did you get that XYZ from, and was it recently because I’m going go and find it today?!”

She willfully spilled the deets and said she got it from Zara just days ago. The very next weekend I travelled all the way to some far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far away mall in Long Island.

Like no really, it was far.

In my mind I originally said, “I’m just looking for a faux fur stole.” But, five stores and two sweaty armpits later, I found myself inside of Zara. I wasn’t even in the store for 5.6 seconds before I saw her just flung rudely over a random rack. So I rescued her!

$69.90 plus tax was all her ransom was! I swiped and calculated my damage later.

The next day I mentioned to my friend that I bought the stole. Here’s how that went down.

Me: Oh, I went out to a mall in Queens this weekend.

Her: Oh really, I love Queens. What’d you get?

Me: I found that stole in Zara, not on sale though.

Her: [blank stare]


Her: Why would buy the same one? You can only wear yours on the weekends!

Me: Whatever. Just text me when you’re gonna wear yours [laughs]!

Her: NOT! If you wear yours when I wear mine, I am totally talking about you… really really really bad!

Me: Girl, you do that anyways! *thinking, we not really friends like that no ways*

I mean, did she really think that Zara made that stole just for her? The manufacturer made tons! Or do you think that I should have gotten one from another store. I did try. My thought is, if you don’t want me to go out and buy your closet don’t tell me. Just say you forgot. I’ll get it.

In case you wanna buy one too, I seriously don’t mind, here’s my tops picks! Happy shopping.

Q. What do you think? Did my friend overreact or was I wrong to buy this way too cute stole? Leave your comments below!

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23 Responses to She’s Mad Because I Bought The Same Olivia Pope-Chic Winter White Faux Fur Stole, Should I Care?

  1. Monica Day says:

    She totally overreacted! People act like nobody else can have any of the same clothes. Unless you have your own personal tailor that makes clothes especially for you then get over it. But I bet you this…if that said tailor is bad (and by bad I mean good) then you best believe that a knockoff will soon be coming.
    I say rock that with all of it’s fabulousity and I sure will rock mine as soon as I find one…lol.

  2. Aii-Meka Shoemaker says:

    Tell her to have a seat! \_ She took that way too seriously. Just for her attitude, you need to shut her down with the quickness and rock it like you had it first.

  3. I do the same thing, give a complement and go on a mad hunt to find it.. The item is mass marketed. Its not vintage so you would have found it anyway. I like sharing because people are saying I have good taste. Now if they buy your whole outfit wear it and have the same hair cut then we have a little single white female on your hands. if not take it as a complement and keep it moving. She’s a lil over the top.

  4. Yakini says:

    Girl, you better wear that stole! It looks GREAT on you!!! #WERK!

  5. Shanti says:

    Wow, why did she react like that? Totally overboard. The other day I complimented a coworker on the cutesy dresses that she wears to work, “Hey Sara those dresses you wear are so cute, where do you get them from.” She replies, “Oh I shop on a couple different stores online so I’m never sure which one I purchased them from.” Hmm, I got the hint. Felt like all kinds of shade so I didn’t even attempt to ask what sites.

  6. Amber says:

    Completely overreacted. Why would you divulge if you didn’t why anyone else to buy it and REALLY lady? It’s was meant to be purchased by the masses. I say wear it and wear it often with glee!

  7. Curvy CEO says:

    Hmmm…this is tough because I can see myself reacting the same way as each of you. Like right now, I’m plotting where in the world I could wear that stole but also remembering instances when I was horrified to learn that a friend and I owned the same (or virtually identical) items of clothing. Either way, do you!!

    • Jai Stone says:

      I would have been livid!! I have a big problem with copy cats. I’m not flattered AT ALL. This kind of thing is what non creative,tasteless people do. I rarely divulge my shopping locations for this reason.

      Then to add insult to injury, the “I don’t give a eff” attitude got me. certainly sends the “it’s all about me” message.

      And YES, we know more than one it was manufactured, but this wasn’t a coincidence. This was calculated.

      Is creative people spend a lot of time and energy finding special items that showcase our style and personality. it’s insulting when it’s stolen without a thought.

      • Ty Alexander says:

        Thanks for commenting. It’s certainly an interesting topic.

        I think it speaks volumes about a person insecurities. Me buying something that you have doesn’t affect you as a individual. I think people put way too much stock in this “I bought it, it’s mine and no one else should have it” theory. I’m all about being an individual but there is this concept of being a trendsetter. And the whole purpose of being a trendsetter is to inspire others via trends. Now, if you’re not into that whole concept than I totes understand. Don’t tell people where you shop. As writers I also think we’re in a position to inspire style, good living (all the jazz) and it’s partly our responsibility to change minds. I never thought of a faux stole until I saw her with it. Completely changed my mind.

        Besides, at the end of the day I have more things to be emotional about. Who bought my scarf, or shaved the sides of their hair (because everyone’s doing that now because of me, LOL) is not on my list?

  8. LeSha Brewer says:

    She definitely overreacted! That’s not a good friend , but it’s a damn cute stole! <3 If she wants exclusivity she should hire a stylist and get imported clothes if it's that serious lol

  9. Elle says:

    I don’t get why people do that. Like you realize a store like Zara has stoles like that ALL over the world right? You can’t be the only person in NY with that dang on Stole on! Hahaha, I don’t know why people act like that, just tell folks where you got it from and go on your merry way.

  10. MarieDenee says:

    Stop… seriously? UGH… Sometimes I hate people, BTWs you are working it boo… do whatever the HELL pleases you as I know you will!

  11. MJ says:

    I think your “friend” should return the stole. She’s obviously not ready to be a style setter.

  12. caprece says:

    I laughed so hard reading this, they didn’t just make one! It’s fabulous and she should be happy that you loved her choice enough to invest in it for yourself. Shoot, I my go get one! lol

  13. Roni Faida says:

    Well…I think I may be in the minority on this one but I don’t think you were right. I mean, I know Zara makes tons of stuff and of course someone has that fabulous find but none of her friends probably do. I think it would be ok if you don’t travel in the same circles often but if she’s someone you see regularly then I do think buying the exact same thing was a bit much.
    Roni Faida recently posted..A Little Surprise At Eiffel TowerMy Profile

  14. Tranae says:

    I think she overreacted. Did she really think she was the only person to have one. Not to mention, she got the idea from a television show. I am sure Zara is marketing the stole to the millions of viewers that watches the show.
    Tranae recently posted..crave youMy Profile

  15. Roni Dasher says:

    Hmmm…this is an interesting one. I can see it from both sides. No, the manufacturer didn’t make just one. Perhaps giving her a hint that you might be copping one soon when you initially asked her where she got it from would have been nice. Her reaction was a bit much.

    The stole is adore :-)

  16. Kee says:

    Well I think you did the right thing by telling her you copped it! You could have just walked up in the office with it on and act like you forgot she told you where to get it. The fact that you tried to get it from another store is commendable, because I would not have looked around… I would have went right to Zara, copped and not have said anything! HA! But I am a mean shopper, I rarely tell people where I get stuff from, even though I prolly strolled someone else comments to see where they got it from. LOL! My mom brought me up not telling people where I got stuff from because she didn’t want people judging her on the amount of money she spent on my clothes. Now shopping is not as much of a secret society as it use to be. Le Sigh! I miss the good ole days!


  17. Shermika says:

    Manufacturers make LOTS of product so different people can rock the same item. You two prob have two different styles so you’ll rock it differently anyway. I don’t mind telling people where I buy my things from. HONEY, rock that stole!

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