Dear Shonda Rhimes, I Miss Olivia Pope! (FYI, There’s An Obnoxious Rant Inside This Post)

It’s Thursday night and I am scurrying the Internet for something fun to read or even watch. Then I remember what I was doing this time at 8 o’clock on a Thursday night months ago. I was shamelessly tuned into ABC (not watching though) awaiting the new episode of “Scandal.”

My pre-game would last for two hours, via twitter, and would include the white wine of my choice that would be housed in a big wine glass inspired by Kerry Washington‘s character Olivia Pope. Chatting with you all about last week’s episode and of course predicting what the outcome of this week’s would be.

ABC's "Scandal" - Season Two

And look at where Shonda Rhimes has us now! Empty and alone (And I don’t even own a damn white hat)!

ABC's "Scandal" - Season Two

I’m left feening for Liv’s crisp white coats, dresses, and things, that quick yet-confused-as-fu*k dialogue, and OMGEEZY Harrison! I won’t go into details about the wet dreams Columbus Short caused, or the fact that I wrote his name down on sheets of paper over and over again as if I were 13 again.

ABC's "Scandal" - Season Two

ABC's "Scandal" - Season TwoI’m no fool, I get it. No one really expected for Shonda’s third baby to be so popular or even be that good. No one really thought that we’d root for the sidechick. Like, have you guys ever thought of this. America is rooting for the sidechick.

I mean, she’s fly and all. She’s really got most of her sh*t together. But the part that isn’t, is really fu*ked up. She’s in love with our President of the United States, who is naturally married with children. She sneaks around in woods, private restaurants, and electrical rooms just to get felt-up by her boo that’s also someone else’s boo. We should hate Olivia!

She’s professionally really good, but morally, we just shouldn’t be her cheerleaders.

But…. we are! I am! And. You know what. I am not ashamed to admit that I miss my Liv. We had just begun to really be friends, ya know! And then Shonda and ABC just snatched all that amazingness right from in front of our eyes! I DIGRESS.

I have not one single doubt that season three will be more than amazeballs but some things just should be around all year long. Like strawberries and cherries, or those warm starry nights that only happen in the summer! I DIGRESS AGAIN.

HO HUM, until next season.. (screams) I love Olivia Pope!

Check out 3 of the best Olivia scenes ever!!!

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4 Responses to Dear Shonda Rhimes, I Miss Olivia Pope! (FYI, There’s An Obnoxious Rant Inside This Post)

  1. Rocquelle says:

    Ty, this post expresses everything I’ve been feeling since the season of Svandal ended a month ago, wet dreams and all, lol ;-).

  2. Susan says:

    just plain old hot!

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