‘The Best Man Holiday’ Review: 3 Things You Need To Know To Get Through This Movie

In real life… I adore any movie from the 90′s with an all black cast!

But my all time favorite (hands down, sideways, and waved above my head) movie is The Best Man. I know the entire script. Every scene I can recite on demand, and what’s worst is that my best friends are enablers of this trend in my life. Most of our life’s greatest moments are attached to a The Best Man quote–rightfully so, it’s a classic!

So when the cast reunited for a yuletide theme I was so excited. From the moment they all got together to discuss this sequel I was amped. And then I saw the movie!

My girls and I slapped on the exact same Black Opal lipgloss that Nia Long wears in the film and headed to 34th Street to check it!

After spilling my entire diabetes size fruit punch on my Olivia Pope-white inspired coat, I got into it. But I realized a few things.

This second film doesn’t compare AT ALL to the first film. Still an awesome visually appealing piece of work from Malcolm Lee–but gosh, it’s so not the first one. No one warned me, so because I love you and want you to be prepared here’s a few tips as you head to the theaters tomorrow!

The Best Man Holiday

1.) Bring tissues.

No spoilers here! I won’t tell you any details on why you need tissues. But imagine uncontrollable giggles and dramatics that you have to see for yourself. And unless you are just the freaking devil (and if you are, please leave my blog now… that’s bad energy I don’t need) you’re going to cry.

Best Man Holiday


2.) Swoon-worthy moments are had.

Honey! Between Morris, Taye, Terrence, and that tall mug of white chocolate. His name escapes my memory, but he’s white, has a height advantage and well… just google him! I literally gasped my way through this movie. And no-homo, but Nia Long is stunning. How in the world is she even more gorgeous than she was in the first film?

the best man holiday quentin and harper


3.) Terrence is the star.

Quentin has totally grown up! He’s employed, he’s still fine and he somehow he’s managed to convince us he’s funny. Who knew! I am here for all of this. I actually saw the movie twice already, and I’ve got half a mind to go again! We’ll see.

Q: If you’ve seen the movie, share with me your fave scenes or who you think is the standout character in this movie. 

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5 Responses to ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Review: 3 Things You Need To Know To Get Through This Movie

  1. Joanna says:

    Oh boy now I am even more anxious to see it.

  2. Susan Y. says:

    My favorite scene was the lip sync to Can You Stand the Rain – sooo good! The scene stealer in the movie is definitely Terrence Howard – hilarious. I would go see this movie again – for sure!

  3. Kee says:

    Man I could not stop crying… I’ve been emotional watching TV/movies ever since I started watching Grey’s Anatomy many years ago. Now I can’t stop the flood gates from opening.

    My favorite scenes were the fight (LOL) pure comedy, Terrence throwing the phone to the ground (his reactions were priceless), Morris throwing the ipad on the ground (Taye looked like such a biotch lol… that was so funny to me) … other than that I was crying!

    But it was a really great movie!

    OH and I was a little confused as to how this was like 10 years later and they were only acting like “harper’s” book was only 3 years old… did I miss something??? Maybe it was 3 years since it was released in Hardcover?!?!

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