If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you already know my love for mani’s. However, with the holidays coming and trips to LA in my future, I’ve decided to snatch this luxury from my budget. But that certainly doesn’t mean my nails will suffer. I’ve purchased a mani kit and I have managed to keep my nails cute and clean for the past few weeks (I’m still gonna have to make a trip for a pedi). Thus creating a new read for you — #POTW (polish of the week). 

I never realized how extensive my nail polish collection was. Mostly from swag bags. This week’s color of choice is BLUE. I am not much for color blocking my wardrobe, but I will mix and match nail colors. I used a cobalt blue color from SpaRitual ‘Circle of Life’. This bottle was in my swag bag from my recent visit to the SpaWeek media event. I used OPI’s ‘No Room for the Blues’ as an accent color on my index finger.

Check out it and let me know how I did!

So tell me gorgies, what color are you rocking this week.

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In March 2011, I switched to WordPress and I haven’t looked back since. Determined and equipped with a ton of saved html bookmarks I finally relaunched my blog. If you blog you know that switching your blogging platform is a HUGE decision. It can be quite a scary and frustrating moment. Sometimes your blog posts are lost, you can’t find a template that you love, or you just don’t have the time to Google those important “how to’s.”

Switching to WordPress was like buying a home in the blogging community and the plugins have been my amenities. I have about 20 plugins (not all activated) and I am still adding more to my favs list.

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If you’re on your blogger game then you’ve already read my last blog post about the beauty bloggers who were selected to create a collection for MAC Cosmetics. At first glance when I saw the collection even I admitted that it didn’t appear cohesive. I have not seen this collection in person nor have any tutorials been published yet, so it’s just my opinion from the ONE image that was released.This is not to say I wasn’t madly in love with the idea of these beauty bloggers creating these products. And I’m not just saying this because I am a blogger. The blogging community is taking over and it would be idiotic of any brand not to take advantage of this wave. And by brand I mean anyone with a business or talent!

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Have you noticed that the way we are communicating is changing? Drastically and rapidly. I don’t even watch TV anymore. All of the “breaking news” of the world I get from the popular internet search engines, my favorite blogs, and of course Twitter. So naturally your favorite brands are reaching out to consumers in a whole new way. Gone are the days of clipping coupons and insert social currency. View Full Post