Sessilee Lopez recently channelled her inner Aaliyah for The Block Magazine. You guys know she’s my fav right. After 3 years, she’s still one of the best in the game and firmly holding on to that black supermodel title.

The magazine explains, “In 1994 before Stylists and Sartorialists, a 15-year-old Aaliyah proved that R&B could be both chic and street…” I so remember dressing like this – overalls, big baggy jeans, shades, and super straight hair.

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Hey Readies,

Here’s my 2nd and final post for Intel. If you missed it read my last post here. I had a lot of fun over on Instagram finding and snapping pics of my favorite fashion accessories.

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I’ve enjoyed watching my model muse, Sessilee Lopez, as she’s quickly become one of the industry’s newest Supermodels. So naturally I love to see when she snags a new editorial or campaign. Recently she shot a spring campaign for H&M and now she’s featured in a very retro editorial, Silk Cuts, for Elle UK. Big soft curls, very brown natural face, and a few black and white images – excellent!

Don’t you think?

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Jean Paul Gaultier called his latest fall collection La Bourgeoise Sans Age, “a send up of maturing beauties dressing their age”. He casted a stunning older beauty, Valérie Lemercier, who opened and closed the show along with my model muses black supermodel, Sessilee Lopez, and androgynous male model, Andrej Pejic.

The models wore grey beehives (YAY) and walked in kitten heels sporting turtlenecks, tailored trousers, ribbed cardigans, and silk blouses. Can you say “granny chic”? Considering that most women who can afford to purchase Jean Paul Gaultier are older and upper class, it’s a interesting change from his previous collections? Whatcha think? View Full Post

Every so even I am reminded that I am a photographer. I’m reminded how much I love fashion for the visuals. It’s not just the clothes, or accessories, or even those Lanvin heels. The model chosen will kill your brand or give it new life.


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