NIKE TRAINING CLUB REVIEW UPATE: I will not turn this into a pity party post, however, the NIKE Training Club app is way more than I expected. Don’t get me wrong it’s an awesome workout. But I think I’m going to need to ask the fairy exercise god mother to send me a free personal trainer to get me up off the couch (or from in front of my laptop) and get on the floor and “Just Do It”. This week I lost ZERO pounds BUT I gained NONE. So I guess I will give myself half a fist pump for maintaining my diet. Resisting a good piece of fried chicken is hard!

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Drum roll please…I am down 4 POUNDS thanks to a steady healthy diet and exercise. Thank you for your applause because boy it’s not an easy task. Between my full time job, updating this blog, contributing to others, designing flyers and such, and fitting in an occasional nap I can barely fit time in to exercise. But luckily I’ve got my NTC training app.

I’ve found that the best workouts for me are the GET FOCUSED exercises. Not only can I focus on my bad areas and keep my curves it takes just 15 minutes for each area. Fits well with my busy schedule. I was so excited yesterday when I went into the fitting room to try a dress on and noticed that I didn’t have to hold my love muffin in quite as much. I know it’s just 4 lbs but it’s a start. Check me out…4lbs less!!!

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Today I did what I should have did last week. WRITE DOWN MY GET HEALTHY GOALS.

We’re in week #2 of the NIKE Women’s Training Challenge and I will openly admit that I’m not using this app to it’s fullest. Despite the fact that every single thing is laid out for me. I am able to record exactly what workouts I did and for how long. I even get rewarded with bonus workouts from the celebrity trainers Jeanette Jenkins & Ary Nunez, healthy recipes, and bragging rights that post directly to your Facebook page. But it’s so easy say you’ll start on Wednesday and look up and another Wednesday is at our feet. So I am smacking my hand now and lugging myself to the gym tonight (follow me on Twitter and keep me in check, please!)

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