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Even though I’ve written a post about the best foundation for brown girls I still get lots of questions about how to find the right foundation for our #BlackGirlMagic complexions and how to apply it. Foundation is something that go really wrong really quick. Like, really quick! And I’ve always believed that a women’s foundation is the beginning of one of two things: (1) a model worthy selfie or (2) an insanely horrible mugshot impersonation. Let’s always aim for the never winning at the latter.

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What’s goings ons in the lands of Zamundas?!

We’re eight days into 2016 and I feel mad accomplished because I actually filmed, edited and published a Youtube video. In the spirit of transparency I will share that it’s been super hard to get back to work after I being unplugged for nearly three weeks. My body, and my brain, were like…”Wait, so we’re NOT going to lay on the couch in our robe all day?!” I ain’t gonna lie and say that I didn’t give in (multiple times) and chilled mad hard in my robe for the first four days of 2016. But, reality has set in and I just cannot live my life that way, although it’d be real nice. All that’s missing is someone to pay my bills, cook me food and drive me places–where’s my sugar daddy! Ugh…

*wakes up from daydreaming*

I figured I’d be like, ya know, a beauty blogger and all and share some makeup tips with you beauties. Since I’ve mastered my everyday makeup look I decided to share all of my gems with you guys. All of the links to buy the products I used are listed below. Make sure you thumbs up this video, share witcha friends, leave a comment and subscribe (I know I ask for so much huh?).  View Full Post

3 ways to stop buying the same makeup
Hey beauties! Valerie here.

So…Houston, we have a problem! I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I am sure I’m not alone (please back me up on this fellow makeup junkies)!

I have way too many makeup products with the same exact color. I’ll use my lipsticks as an example. In the burgundy/wine family alone, I have 9. Now, I know all the brands are different, but you guys, this is essentially the exact same color hitting my lips. I am wayyyy too embarrassed to show the pink lipsticks and nail polishes.

I go into the cosmetics aisles thinking that I don’t have a particular color or maybe even being a little more drawn to certain colors that I don’t even realize that I have 9 others just like it at home – all in heavy rotation too! And in my head, I swear I’m picking out something new. There has to be a name for this disease.

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Finding the right foundation for dark skin can be tricky. Too dark and you look like a distant cousin of RuPaul, too light and you’ve earned a starring role at your local funeral parlor.

Our major challenge as Black and Latina women is finding a brand that has yellow, olive or caramel tones. But beyond picking the right hue for your face there are a few other factors that you need to consider before purchasing a foundation.

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