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It’s week one of 2016 and everyone has many irons in the fire. For many people, they’ve been planning and setting goals for the New Year since the Summer or early Fall. Now, things are in full swing; new ideas, new goals and creative juices are at a high, the question is, how long will it last? View Full Post

5 Ways to Get Inspired After A Loss In Motivation

When you’re a #GirlBoss, its hard to keep things going. Sometimes life gets the best of us and causes a block in motivation. But it’s okay, it happens to everyone (I swear). Feeling stuck is a bad feeling and its hard to get out of a rut. We’re so weighed down by our responsibilities and obligations that we can forget about what makes us tick. Here are five ways to get your mojo back.

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Now that we’re almost into February, how many of you are already slipping on your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t beat yourself up if you are. We’re here to give you tips on how to keep track of your goals and stay inspired to complete them throughout your 2015. Make this your best year yet!

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sad at jobBeing stuck in a job you hate is the worst. It can really crush your spirits and make you feel less than at times. But before you go quitting all willy nilly, you can still stay at your job and gather some inspiration along the way until you’re ready to give it the heave ho.

Here are some ways you can stay inspired at a job you really hate.

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I haven’t participated in our Friend Friday questions in what seems like forever. To be honest, I just wasn’t inspired to write anything. But when I saw other posts from bloggers about their dreams I instantly said to myself .. self, you have to do this one.

Dreams are what great folks live by. They get our imagination going and can make your current boring life seem like a distant far away tale. This week we ask ourselves what do we really want to do with our lives and what are we doing about it.  

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I’ve totally been slipping on my Friend Friday posts but this week I got super excited when I noticed the questions were about influences and inspiration. For me blogging only happens when I am inspired so I seek inspiration daily. Whether it’s from another blogger, a magazine, a walk in the park – I crave inspiration like some sort of drug. I have to have it! Read our Q&A and be sure to chime in at the end of this post.  View Full Post