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#TBT of when I first cut my hair off.

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I’ve always been a girl who wanted needed to be in the “in crowd”. You know that girl with the freshest sneakers, the flyest clothes AND the dopest hair (I mean, my hair is pretty dope though!). We can blame my mother for that. She always dressed me up like we had a winter gala to attend even though we were just going to the market.

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Beautiful Texture Mousse Review

You beauties know I love hair products. I have an entire closet at home (and at work) dedicated to them. And it’s over flowing. So as I try to grow out my hair out, there’s obviously a few products that manage to stay at the top of my favorites list.

Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Mousse is one of them.

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reasons you are ready to go natural

It happens to the best of us. You got a little product happy, and now you don’t even want to venture outside. People keep mistaking you for the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, and you’re getting pretty sick and tired of it. Here are 12 ways to tell you use way too much hair product.

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ty alexander gorgeousingrey -1

Every day I walk outside my door and enter the world outside people stare at me. Well, really my hair. Even more so now that my hair is short and currently naturally curly. Although I am kinda use to it, it can be really annoying to catch folks in the moment of gazing at my hair. Some totally deny it and look away the minute I give them a smile. Others begin to grill me with crazy borderline stupid questions that they believe no one has ever asked me before?! So I’m complying a short list of misconceptions about my hair. Maybe people will stop asking me now (doubts!)…

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