angry baby I seriously laughed out loud and instantly wanted to chime in after reading a post by Beautifully Invisible from a couple weeks ago entitled ‘The 10 things that drive me crazy about your blog.’

I thought it was amazingly witty and quite humorous. But more importantly, absolutely freaking true! Sure every “professional blogger” has posted a “how to” of some sort, but there’s no exact science about how to blog or how to blog without pissing off one of your readers.

So as a sometimes pissed-off-blog-reader here’s my list of 5 super-uber annoying things about your blog (in no particular order). All five equally annoy the ish out of me! Laugh with me please…
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I’ve totally been slipping on my Friend Friday posts but this week I got super excited when I noticed the questions were about influences and inspiration. For me blogging only happens when I am inspired so I seek inspiration daily. Whether it’s from another blogger, a magazine, a walk in the park – I crave inspiration like some sort of drug. I have to have it! Read our Q&A and be sure to chime in at the end of this post.  View Full Post