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I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine and she happens to be very healthy conscious. Per usual, the conversation led to us talking about fitness, health and our upbringing. Go figure. She’s also one of my weekday accountability partners. During the week, we text each other before our 5 a.m. workout. The text messages sort of go like this….”GM!:) time to bring it!  Enjoy your workout!” or “Gm here we go!”

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woman eating lunch

Living in New York City is no joke. Unless you look in my bank account, you’re allowed to laugh this one time. Everything is more expensive here (for no good reason, either). The most basic of household goods will have you looking at your Target receipt thinking that you just dropped a dime on whichever designer-of-the-month is popping.

Let me tell you, you’ve never experienced pure joy until your friend lets you borrow their EBT card so your broke ass can get some groceries. This is the part when you to the heavens and thank Jesus, Buddha, Allah — all them — because you can get a meal.

But in case this doesn’t happen to you, here are five places to eat in NYC when you’re broke.

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I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t shopped at Kmart since I was a teenager. I grew up in a small town in Maryland and my mother was focused on her budget. So when I got a last minute invite to the Kmart Fashion Love Your Style Blogger Brunch I was a bit skeptical. But I love fashion beyond words and I figured that it would give me another bonding opportunity with my fellow curvy bloggeristas.

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Yay, I finally back from my Vegas vacay! Super relaxed and ready to jump back into blogging. While I was away I missed an event hosted by McDonald’s to introduce their new healthier items coming to their menu. Luckily one of my bloggeristas, Kimberlee, stood in as my gorgeous correspondent for the event. Check out how much fun she had tasting their new healthy menu. View Full Post