Finding my own personal style wasn’t easy, especially during my 9-5. I definitely found my style genes somewhere in between blogging and stalking trends. The first thing I had to learn is that personal style is just that – personal. Before anyone can love it, you have to. So take risks but find your own comfort zone. I like to dabble in color a bit, but I love blacks and grays and it works well for my personal style. But there are a few tips to remember if you want to snag that new promotion or move from intern to executive.  View Full Post

If you haven’t heard yet, Tyra Banks must have gotten word that we all might be a little bored with her reality tv baby, ANTM. I mean how many America’s Next Top Models will you crown that are NEVER seen anywhere? I’ve even suggested a plus model edition (yes I wrote a letter *crickets*). Although I didn’t quite get what I wanted, the new season of ANTM will feature all previous contestants who didn’t win. Affectionately titled, America’s Next Top Model – All StarsView Full Post

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One of my favorite items in my closet is a sequins skirt from Forever21+. I really wish I could say I didn’t love Forever 21+, since they really give no advert love to the curvy community, but I do.  Because this sequins skirt is such a “stand out” garment I’ve only worn it twice. I thought I would show you guys how to style one piece in several different ways. I confess, I am that girl you talk about because she’s rocking the same pair of jeans to every event. I am a creature of habit. I digress.


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I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t shopped at Kmart since I was a teenager. I grew up in a small town in Maryland and my mother was focused on her budget. So when I got a last minute invite to the Kmart Fashion Love Your Style Blogger Brunch I was a bit skeptical. But I love fashion beyond words and I figured that it would give me another bonding opportunity with my fellow curvy bloggeristas.

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I was totally disappointed when many of the events from Full Figured Fashion Week were not in my summer budget. Outside of the shows there was an evening cruise (it was an all white party so… ), and tons of media and networking events. I was selected, along with 30 or so other bloggers, to attend the 2nd Annual Lane Bryant Blogger Conference. The event was filled with amazing energy. I can’t tell you when the last time I went to a fashion networking event and people actually introduced themselves (oh wait, NEVER!).

A big part of these events obviously is seeing new and old faces. This go around I finally met some of the fabulous bloggers who I’ve been chatting with from across my computer screen. These ladies are beyond inspiring. View Full Post

angry baby I seriously laughed out loud and instantly wanted to chime in after reading a post by Beautifully Invisible from a couple weeks ago entitled ‘The 10 things that drive me crazy about your blog.’

I thought it was amazingly witty and quite humorous. But more importantly, absolutely freaking true! Sure every “professional blogger” has posted a “how to” of some sort, but there’s no exact science about how to blog or how to blog without pissing off one of your readers.

So as a sometimes pissed-off-blog-reader here’s my list of 5 super-uber annoying things about your blog (in no particular order). All five equally annoy the ish out of me! Laugh with me please…
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