Although designer Rachel Roy is putting the finishing touches on her new showroom — which I hope to get an invite to, she’s managed to dish out 28 amazing looks for her Pre Fall 2012 collection. I know you are wondering WTH is Pre Fall because I had that same thought.

I can only imagine it’s those 5 days in between summer and fall where we have a spurt of delightful weather. Or maybe it’s that month in LA during your vacation when the breeze is simple marvelous. Either way, Rachel Roy has combined her red carpet skills, with her love of “borrowing from the boys” into quite a talked about collection.

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Recently I did a post for Juicy Magazine (10 Other Black Girls Who Rock) and regretfully I should have included Cassandra Ventura. Cassie is smoking hot in IDOL Magazine, a British glossy, for their Illuminati Fall/Winter Issue. Clever title I must say.

She’s shot in lavish jewels, haute couture pieces, paired with fierce hair and makeup. Perhaps this is a sign that she will put down the mic and grab a modeling portfolio because she’s definitely showing tons of model behavior.

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Will Smith said it best when giving life advice, “You can tell how far in life you’ll go by the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with.”

One of my five people happen to be the oh so curvy, confident, and chic fashion blogger, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. Besides being my mentor, she’s basically the curvy blogger’s favorite curvy blogger. She knows what brands we should be crushing on, who should care less about, and what looks good on every curvy frame. So it’s only right that she has penned her first e-book, Curvy.Confident.Chic. View Full Post


I am totally swooning with excitement over the newest Holiday Collection by one of my fav plus size boutiques, Monif C. This collection totally embodies glitz, glamour, and just pure fabulousness. That’s us right?! Each piece is sexy without loosing sight that we’re still curvy and we shouldn’t be showing all our rolls to the world. I am a huge fan of plus size brands that are body conscious.

What’s even better is that there are 4 dresses that totally capture the four characters of SATC and what they would wear if they were plus size. The items retail between $200-250 and you can pre-order them now for shipment as early as November 18th. My only beef is that the “Samantha” dress that I want doesn’t ship until December 5th. Y’all know I love me some sequins! Doesn’t Monif know that the Holidays begin with my birthday on November 4th. I am hoping my local plus size boutique, K Staton in Hampden, has this collection before that.

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