My beauty routine has certainly changed throughout the years. In my twenties, I barely used any beauty products at all. I was the most basic beauty girl you would have known. MAC lipglass was my only staple and I loved lining my lips with brown liner (this was my pre-blending stage). In my thirties, I tried absolutely everything anyone sent me. Joys/perks of being a beauty blogger. It didn’t matter what it was, if it promised to do something I wanted to try out (oh, check out my Buy or Nah series). Now as I head into my forties (holy lipstick how did I get here so fast!) I am really particular with what I put on my face and body. Even though I will be the guinea pig for you guys, you just can’t trust all of them! That’s why I’ve partnered with Dove to share with you one product I’m constantly And when I comes to what products I'm buying over and over again. Because …umm yea, I am selective with my coin spending! View Full Post


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Here’s what you should know. I am a beauty junkie, first and foremost. More specifically, I love makeup. And if I am being ONE HUNNIT, I cannot (more like will not) stop buying lipsticks. It’s a really good chance that I have all of these colors from another brand but yet when something is new I need to try it and I’d prefer to be the first.

In this instance, MAC Cosmetics has no idea that my blog exists so they don’t send me stuff. I know “cry me a river” right! Anyways at $20 a pop, I only decided to try one of the new Retro Matte Lipsticks from MAC. Because…$20 G!  View Full Post

Glossier products IMG_0047

Makeup has always been the forefront of my beauty routine. I remember being grounded for sneaking my mother’s red lipstick to school and wearing her favorite rouge lippie on picture day (don’t ask me what I was thinking)! But as an adult I’ve been searching for more ways to cut down the time I spend in the bathroom. I share a cozy one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend so you can imagine what are arguments consist of. How long I am in the bathroom! And why he didn’t put the toilet seat down!

Now that I am in my last year of my thirties, I love products that still give me that youthful glow and easily convince people that I am not a day over 25. #LiesTheyTell

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nars be audacious

Listen! I AM A MASCARA SNOB. You might ask, “what is that?” It’s wear you spend a little extra for good mascara. Not that I don’t love a good drugstore find, because I most certainly do. BUT, it’s a few things I require my mascara to possess (things snobs say)!

For me, bristles matter! Packaging matters! Design matters. I am a sucker for a fancy box. You know the bells and whistles. But you have to be careful with some of those whistles. They can be broken upon purchase. Like, you’re just paying for fancy box, the great mascara is sold separately–from another brand.

Fortunately, this is NOT the case for NARS Audacious Mascara!

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Cricket Detangling Brush 1

I have a confession to make. My beauty closet is out of control. So much so there’s a loads of gems just waiting to be featured here on GIG.

Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Coconut Detangling Brush is one of those hair gems I found in my closet. This new brush is designed for wet hair and has Coconut Oil and Keratin Protein infused into its plastic. Well hello smooth, sexy, healthy waves!

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