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SO! Let me catch you up on life (mine to be exact).

After 3 years of receiving an overwhelming number of emails from women who had also lost their mothers to cancer I decided to write a book about my experience with [my] grief. Mainly because I was exhausting my sanity trying to answer all the questions I was getting from you guys. I figured if I wrote a memoir laced with tips on grieving that maybe, just maybe, I’d be kinda ready when I was approached about the subject.

I’ve wanted to be author since…forever. I can remember having fake book readings with my Barbie’s on my bedroom floor. And for the longest time, writing this book was just something I had told my good girlfriends I was “GOING TO DO”. You know, I’m going to travel more, I’m going to lose these 40 pounds magically…the usual “yea ok, sure” thoughts of our lives. God had a bigger plan for me and at the end of 2015 a publishing company reached out to me. Because God knew I was not going to get this done any other way.

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the-truth-about-styleHave you ever tried keeping a secret? How about for months, or even nearly a year? I swear I am busting at my Forever21 jeans with this information. Well, finally I can share a little more details about the project I was featured in with Stacy London.

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Stacy London Shoot

Although my lifestyle usually dictates that I’m in New York, my residence is still in Maryland. Often times I even miss out on opportunities because I can’t make the 4 hour bus ride in time (a few hundred dollars gets me an hour via plane if I’m fancy).

I’ve been plotting my move to the Big Apple for the past year but I have let the fear of change and the uncertain rule my future. Everyone that I’ve talked to about my move all suggest that I just pack up a few belongs put the rest in storage and just couch it out until I get a job and find my way.

Is anyone else cringing at the thought of this?

I mean I am not in my 20s anymore and stability is more attractive the older I get. But does that trump the passion I have for writing about fashion and beauty.

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