10 Beauty Faves Under $10


As a beauty girl on a tight budget, few things make me happier than finding super cheap products I love. Lower cost doesn’t always mean lower quality, and if you can find a beauty staple that costs less than a cocktail you are winning in life! Here are my 10 beauty faves that cost less than $10:

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Featured Image - POTW

Hey Readies,

I took a few weeks of from doing my manicures and boy oh boy did my nails suffer. The chips and cracks that once lived on my nail beds have been repaired and I am back to doing my #POTW (polish of the week — in case you’ve forgotten or a new click) posts.

I would recommend getting a partner for this DIY nail post. Maybe have a slumber party or something because it took me SIX tries before I got it right. What normally is a relaxing evening of nail polish and Gossip Girl turned into a complete disaster — almost. You’re gonna need a steady hand, a focused eye, and perhaps even some Anita Baker playing in the background to “get cha mind” right. 

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I am forever indebted to the fabulous folks at The Makeup Show. It was at TMS in New York last May where I had the opportunity to meet and chat with celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. The interview was refreshing to say the least and Sam totally inspired me to want to perfect my interview skills and do more. For this year’s event they have added a contest geared towards the vlogger in you! View Full Post


I’ve been obsessed with polishing my nails since I sadly cut manicures out of my budget. My nail polish collection has grown from just 5 to a whopping 59 polishes in the last year. Partly from all the events I attend and more because every time I visit a Duane Reade or a Walgreens I score an amazing new color. One would think I would have every color by now, but it’s soooo many to try.

The season the beauty trends at NYFW were a little different. Designers are using more racy colors in their collections, trying out wild and crazy hair looks, and even a slew of eye catching nail trends.

I spotted a few on the runway that I must try. Some I may have to get the salon to do. My hands aren’t that steady.

Check out five must-try manicures from NYFW.

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