With Thanksgiving and Black Friday around the corner I am now in find-a-good-sale mode.

Originally I was searching for discounted video games for my son. Please don’t ask me how my browser landed on trending bags. Ok well I know how but we’re gonna over look that for the sake of this post, K!

Just this morning I was chatting with my Blogging Buddy (wait for joke in another post), Kee from iStyleLikeMe and I’ve been crushing on her J Crew Edie satchel since NYFW. In fact, tons of fashionistas were hip to this trend early this Fall. Some satchels can be a bit pricey SOOOO I searched for bags under $500. I mean let’s face it, anything less than that isn’t a quality bag. Unless it’s on sale. No dis to my Forever21 crossbody bag but my Michael Kors tote has stood the test and won!

Here’s 5 satchels I’m crushing on. A few even under $100. *does fashionable cartwheels* View Full Post


It feels like I just came back from my Vegas vacay (especially since I just unpacked yesterday – literally).  But it really was a month ago. Lord knows I am so ready to go again! This Friday in our Friend Friday group we’re asking, “Now that summer is in full swing… and vacations are coming up, let’s talk about what you’re packing to take on vacation“.

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