I’m not sure how this happened. I blame Kela Walker. I normally text my wardrobe choices to her for her approval. She thumbed up all the sleeveless jackets and coats and basically instructed me to buy them all…so I did #KanyeShrug. (I bought this one and this one a few weeks back!)

My new closet goal is to buy more sneakers and items that compliment said sneakers I purchase. I love how sleeveless jackets give a hint of chic to your look without requiring you to slide your corns into a pair of overly tight and narrow heels. View Full Post

Ty Alexander Gorgeous In Grey Winter Layers-1

We basically went all Q4 of 2015 laughing at Winter. We bragged about how much of a punk she was for not showing up (on time) on December 21st. I’m sure of few of you all were sporting shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Day. But guess what she did?

Showed all the way up! Polar vortex is real and I won’t say I hate her (or maybe it’s a him) but it’s been a real struggle this Winter trying to be cute and go outside and be warm.

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Gorgeous In Grey Lace Shirt Long Black Vest IMG_0055-lo

For the longest time I had been looking for a longline vest…with pockets! I saw one on ASOS but of course I didn’t get it (now, I think it’s restocked). I was gifted this black longline vest from Forever 21 when I did the EBONY shoot.

Surprisingly when I got it I wasn’t quick to wear it. Partly because I just didn’t know what to pair with it. When I wore it on the EBONY shoot it was over top of a really short shirt dress. I have yet to wear that either.

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With Thanksgiving and Black Friday around the corner I am now in find-a-good-sale mode.

Originally I was searching for discounted video games for my son. Please don’t ask me how my browser landed on trending bags. Ok well I know how but we’re gonna over look that for the sake of this post, K!

Just this morning I was chatting with my Blogging Buddy (wait for joke in another post), Kee from iStyleLikeMe and I’ve been crushing on her J Crew Edie satchel since NYFW. In fact, tons of fashionistas were hip to this trend early this Fall. Some satchels can be a bit pricey SOOOO I searched for bags under $500. I mean let’s face it, anything less than that isn’t a quality bag. Unless it’s on sale. No dis to my Forever21 crossbody bag but my Michael Kors tote has stood the test and won!

Here’s 5 satchels I’m crushing on. A few even under $100. *does fashionable cartwheels* View Full Post