9 ways to wear white this summer

As warm weather quickly enters stage right, it’s time to start thinking about our Summer threads. And you guys know that with Summer comes white parties. I use to loathe white parties. Fact is, I still do. But only because I hate people dictating what I should wear.

But there was a time in my life where I wasn’t so confident with the idea of trendy plus size fashion and I believed no plus size woman should be wearing all white. It was the ultimate wardrobe sin in my eyes. I realized that my opinions were solely based off the options (of lack thereof) I was given as a plus size woman. That was just five years ago.

Now insert Fashion to Figure, who is one of my favorite brands because it’s not just online. I can actually go to the store and try on clothes…like a normal woman. I’m all here for a great online find, but nothing is more frustrating when you’ve spent hours dissecting the size chart only for the dress to arrive and be ill-fitting.

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how to host a loop giveaway

As a blogger, one of the easiest ways to get more followers on social media is to host a giveaway. I try to do them once a month either here on my blog or on social media. Right now, loop giveaways are so hot on Instagram. And for good reason. It’s a great way to team up with other bloggers to grow your following and reward your readers. I’ve only done one loop giveaway but I gained more than a 1,000 followers in less than five minutes.

But, how does a loop giveaway work? Here’s five easy steps on how you can host your own loop giveaway.

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woman eating breakfast

Hey Fit Fam! Let’s talk about breakfast for a moment. Are you a fan of skipping breakfast because you’re always pressed for time? Always on the go? Ha, or how about the famous “I’m not a morning person…so I don’t normally eat breakfast.”

What I’ve learned, and teach my clients is that breakfast is just as important as brushing your teeth in the am. It is a must! Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be some elaborate meal that requires you to slave over the stove top or take 30 minutes or more to prepare.  However, it does take a little forethought and planning.

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ty alexander

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle Vodka.

That moment you look up and realize that you’ve been working three jobs since last year, you’ve had no vacation and you’re all out of ideas for life. That was me just last week. I felt overwhelmed and just beat down. I was totes the burned out blogger!

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