rue 107To be clear, I’m that girl who loves all the dark colors on the color wheel. You know the purples, blues and blacks. I’ve never been a pink girl. EVER! Like seriously, I detest that color with all of my soul’s fibers and juices (like could I be allergic).

But there’s something girly, but not too girly, happening over at Rue 107. Their latest style masterpiece, Curves Watermelon Crush Collection has me wanting to push the buy button–repeatedly!

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how to organize your closet

Spring cleaning is as much about getting your house in order as it is about throwing away unnecessary items. As you clean out your closet, don’t forget to organize what’s left so that its easier to navigate. Of course, the best method for organizing your closet depends on what works for you, but here are five ways to sort your clothes that will make your life easier.

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Whether your evening will involve a casual outing, or a fancy soiree your date night is the perfect time to wear a chic and romantic hair style. Once you’ve picked out your #OOTD (accessories and shoes laid out ready for the ‘Gram), you don’t want to be scrambling with your hair trying to find a style that is pretty hot and tempting.

Grab your date’s attention with one of these five gorgeous natural hairstyles. Regardless of your hair’s length or texture, there is an option for everyone.

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Beautiful Texture Mousse Review

You beauties know I love hair products. I have an entire closet at home (and at work) dedicated to them. And it’s over flowing. So as I try to grow out my hair out, there’s obviously a few products that manage to stay at the top of my favorites list.

Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Mousse is one of them.

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attractive african woman topless

Putting on makeup and going through the daily steps of our beauty routines can be time-consuming and buying expensive products can get excessive. Although we do love to look and feel good, often we don’t have the time. There is so much effort that goes into our routines and sometimes we have to improvise and get creative.

Here are 10 beauty hacks that we promise you will love.

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