Instagram #GIGFreebie: You Want Free Makeup Right?! (CONTEST ENDED)

instagram GIG Freebie

It’s time for another #GIGFreebie (via Instagram).

Here’s a fact about beauty bloggers/editors. We cannot possibly use all of this stuff. I’ve got a closet full of fabulous beauty products at home, and another three closets at work filled to the top. It’s officially time for me to pass along my gems to my favorite people. You! (duh)

The products in this giveaway is totally random. I am picking one (maybe two) US residents and sending them a box of goodies. I’m just gonna throw stuff in a box. Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, CoverFX, Make Up For Ever, NARS–you name it I’ve got it and now it can be yours!

Here’s how to enter the giveaway!

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#GetWellMeechy: How You Can Support Beauty Vlogger, Meechy Monroe

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.56.44 PM

Popular beauty blogger/vlogger answered the one question her readers had been asking for months. “Where have you been?” Meechy Monroe announced on her blog yesterday that she had been diagnosed with a rare from of brain cancer.

My heart melts for anyone who has to experience what cancer does to your body, mind and soul. Unfortunately, I can relate after my mother passed of Lymphoma in 2013. It’s a journey that no one wants to tackle. And when you are in it, there’s no way you can see the good in anything cancer brings your way.

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10 Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes Perfect For BBQ’s

woman drinking cocktail

When summertime hits, it is officially barbecue season. Who doesn’t love a great cookout with good friends and family, delicious food, and strong yet sweet dranks (no, not drinks, DRANKS)! But when you’ve worked hard to get snatched in time to wear your favorite bikini, you don’t want to ruin it.

Here’s 10 Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes Perfect For BBQ’s!

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5 Things I Bet Beyonce Just Can’t Do (Well)


Beyonce is perfect, okay? Well, at least that’s what the #BeyHive coalition who is pointing the lacefront glue at me is telling me to type. She can do no wrong, and everyone else just has to snatch their lives and DEAL WITH IT.

[Whispers] Is the #BeyHive gone yet? They are? Cool. Lean in. Closer… yes, closer… you’re a little too close, back up. Ion’t like people all in my space like that. While the Queen Bey might be seemingly perfect, and — now this may be hard to believe — there are a few things she can’t do. Now, while I haven’t talked to her in a good while, let me clue you into the things, I bet my bottom Sacajawea she simply has no way around.

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You Asked, I Answer: What Brand Of Nude Gloss/Lipstick Do I Wear?

nude lipstick

So I posted this picture on Instagram this past Thursday after getting one of the best blow-outs ever from the DryBar (that one literally goes down in history, I’ll post it later)! And even though I was totally bragging about how laid my tresses were, you beauties were not here for any of that. Le sigh. Everyone wanted to know what nude lipgloss I was wearing.

For reference, you should know that I keep at least five lipstick/gloss options in my purse. My signature reds and purples, and at least one nude or pinkish color. Reds and purples are my absolute favorites but sometimes you just need to grab something quick and apply without effort. That calls for a nude!

So what brand of nude gloss do I wear?

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