It looks like I am not the only one obsessed with this hair trend. Women all around the globe refuse to accept the thought that having grey hair means that I am a granny.

The #GrannyHair hashtag became really popular after a BuzzFeed article highlighted how you can get grey hair (if you weren’t blessed like me). But I kinda hate that term and I found another phrase that I’m literally swooning over instead.

#TheGreyMovement is an entire Instagram hashtag and account dedicated to celebrating women who embrace their natural grey hair OR those brave enough to rock the latest hair trend!

Check out my favorites looks from #TheGreyMovement.

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Rihanna grey hair

Everyone thinks that having natural grey hair is so freaking cool. But no one talks about that moment you go to curl your hair and you notice that you’ve put a little too much heat on your hair and now you’re staring at dingy yellowish brown strands of hair. Yuck!

In some cases, medication, food, and health conditions can also turn your grey hair yellow from inside the hair shaft. Did you know that eating an abundance of carrots or other foods that are high in carotene, an orange compound, can make skin and hair yellowish? The water that you use to wash your hair could have a high iron content and could be causing your grey hair to be yellow. And if you’re a smoker or a swimmer, you are doomed!

Because NO ONE wants to be #TeamYellow, here’s a few tips to remove that yellow tinge from your grey hair.

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4 Reasons Why It’s Best To Skip A Few ShampoosI’m glad you were intrigued enough by my headline and clicked even though it might sound like foreign language to you. But it’s true. You ever wonder why your hair doesn’t quite lay the way you want it to when you leave the hair salon but looks amazing after a week. Because dirty hair is really better! *gasps*

Don’t believe me? Here’s four reasons why you should skip a few shampoos.

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Believe it or not, packing for a weekend getaway can be even more complex than packing for an extended vacation. You may be tempted to bring everything you own for a four day stay at a resort but you’ll be surprised at how a few beauty items will carry you through the weekend.

Don’t go to your next resort under or overpacked. Check out these six beauty items you’ll need to bring, and the one you should leave at home, to survive a weekend at a resort

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