teenage girls

We were teenagers once, so we know the thoughts surrounding sex. And for a lot of us, when it came to “The Talk” with our parents, it could have gone better than it did. Looking back, we might wish our parents told us one thing when they told us another. So for you, gorgeous ones, we have six things teenage girls need to know about sex

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spring lipsticks

Just like clothes, trading in your vampy winter lipsticks for your bright spring lipsticks is essential to makeup lovers. Spring lippies are bright, refreshing, soft and give you a reason to rock some new colors after months of wearing the darker colors of winter. There are so many colors to choose from and the warmer months allow you to wear a variety of lip color, but here are five lipsticks that you will love and need to try this spring.

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GorgeousInGrey June Ambrose Glasses-3

You should know that like my lipsticks (read about my recent fave here), I have a plethora of glasses. And by that I mean a big woven black and white basket that sits on top of my wardrobe closet is filled with about 20 pairs of glasses.

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As I continue my weight loss and fitness journey, I strongly believe that it’s important to display moderation and balance in every aspect of the journey. Especially, when it comes to eating habits. Some people refer to what many call “cheat meals” or “cheat day”.

We’ve seen and heard many say, “I’m dieting… I can’t eat that or they feel as though they’re banned from enjoying any of the foods they used to enjoy. The way I look at it, cheat days, or cheat meals are for people on diets. In my mind, I have chosen a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’m not cheating, I’m making healthy lifestyle changes and displaying balance in what I choose to eat and how often. As I’ve made changes in my diet, I’ve cut back tremendously on breads, starches and sugar. However, I still enjoy these things in moderation.

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Gorgeous In Grey Sephora Lipstain Polished Purple IMG_0678

Purple has been my favorite color since I was like four. I wore a purple cotton jumpsuit to one of the very first summer parties my parents threw in our backyard. It was like summer Fridays at our house. And that jumpsuit was my favorite piece of clothing and I never wanted to take it off. Eww right!

Fast forward to today, even though I don’t wear this hue as much as I should to call it my favorite, she’s still my first love. I found the perfect purple artificial flowers that I keep on my living room table. My gym water bottle is a delicious plum shade just so it can trick me into believing that water tastes like some exotic purple fruit…or nah!

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