How To Style A Midi Skirt

Instagram4 Gorgeous In Grey Sears Denim Trends

Denim just so happens to be one of my favorite fabrics to wear. As long as it has at least 2% lycra, we’re best friends!

Now that I am living on a New York budget, I am always on the hunt for stylish budget-friendly pieces that can work will anything in my closet.

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An Insider’s Look At Hard Candy Cosmetics…Willy Wonka style

NuWorld Beauty

Hey Loves,

I can’t tell you how excited I am to write this post. The other day I got to experience the creation of Hard Candy Cosmetics Willy Wonka style. Myself and a few other bloggers were allowed to tour the NuWorld Beauty factory in Carteret NJ. They are the main manufacturer of all the products for Hard Candy Cosmetics. The factory also creates products for some other major beauty brands. This is a beauty junkie’s dream. It was hard for me to contain my excitement as we made our way through the factory.

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Beauty Buzz: NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection [PHOTOS]

NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection

Cutting-edge color—anything but straightlaced. For Holiday 2014, François Nars projects a bold new design for the future femme. Decoding the thrill of seduction, this captivating collection exposes a full range of colors and textures with dramatic dimension.

The custom packaging adapts architectural designer Chris Kabatsi’s digitally-rendered Nebula print into a dynamic yet delicate depiction. The intricate web of black gloss grips the signature soft-touch packaging in a modern take on lace.

Check out the NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection!

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Beauty Buzz: NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection [PHOTOS]

NARS Holiday 2014 Algorithm Gifting Outer Packaging Shot - jpeg

Beauties, its holiday time. Can you believe it? We just broke up with summer and now we’re about to be in love with the Holidays. Holiday collections are my favorite. Brands happily pull out all of the stops with fancy glittery packaging and special limited edition offerings.

Allow me to introduce you to the NARS Holiday 2014 gifting collection.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Blogging…Alone

Why You Shouldn't Be Blogging Alone

I’ve been blogging/writing professionally for the past two years. And by professionally I mean this is my only source of income and I am not broke. It was always my intention to move to New York and become a writer. I said it. I moved. I’m here!

But not one person warned me about this life. It’s freaking hard! I tried to warn all the new bloggers…”Don’t do it, Gina!” And don’t get me started on my regular friends. They think I’m a celebrity and my life is amazeballs. Which is mostly true, LOL.

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