eating healthy

I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine and she happens to be very healthy conscious. Per usual, the conversation led to us talking about fitness, health and our upbringing. Go figure. She’s also one of my weekday accountability partners. During the week, we text each other before our 5 a.m. workout. The text messages sort of go like this….”GM!:) time to bring it!  Enjoy your workout!” or “Gm here we go!”

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ty alexander mother

Being transparent is always a double-edged sword. Rarely are people (readers) comfortable with what needs to be shared. And one would think that those who offer help would be more comfortable with taboo topics like suicide being openly shared, but they’re not either. After learning that Karyn Washingtonmy friend and popular blogger, committed suicide I got this brilliant idea to open up to my readers, the random Internet perusers, and hell, the entire world. I confessed to battling depression after my mother died within a year of being diagnosed of stage 4 Lymphoma. Watching my mother die and then wanting her to die because of all the pain she was in, put me in a terrible head space.

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Boss Babe Quotes

We all know those women who are the boss at what they do. They’re fierce and know how to get what they want. They work hard and look fabulous while doing it. These woman are about their business. Yes, these women inspire us, but we can all be that kind of woman.

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I’m super geeked to announce that not only am I a Cover FX Brand Ambassador but I’ll be hosting my first ever Meet & Greet with the brand.

Be the first to learn all about their new Custom Cover Drops! You’ll drop, mix and transform with the Custom Coverage station and get to experiment with their game-changing Custom Cover Drops. You’ll also be shade matched by their Global Brand Ambassador, Derek Selby so you can seize your #dropportunity (get it!).

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