Spring will be here before you know it, so if you’re holding on to clothes you need to give up, now is the perfect time. I recently did this – donated about three-quarters of my closet – and it left me feeling a whole lot lighter. The bad part is I have a whole bunch of basic closet staples that I need to get. These basics can be worn at any time, for any mood.

Do you have each of the following items in your closet?

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woman sleeping

We have all experienced random spells of insomnia a few times in our lives. But for some people, getting a good nights rest can be rare. If you’re one of those people, changing your lifestyle and routine can make a huge difference. Sleep is way too important to our overall health, so don’t skimp out on quality beauty rest.

Apply these tips to your lifestyle and beat the struggle with insomnia.

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4 favorite things

Surprisingly, I don’t share my favorite things with you beauties often enough. And if you follow me on Instagram you know I have a lot of favorites. So when I was asked to partner with HP and brag about my favorite things, I had to narrow it down to four! Just four. Really! How? Well clearly this post will turn into a series (maybe video) because I cannot possibly fit all of my favorite things into ONE post. Even worst, my favorites change. #KanyeShrug.

So what are my favorites? This month? Glad you asked.

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It seems like this winter has been the longest winter yet and most of us are so over the cold weather. It’s no secret that our skin becomes so thirsty in the winter and fighting ashiness becomes an everyday battle, but these skin issues don’t have to be something you have to suffer with. Coconut oil is great because it’s not too oily, not as heavy as other oils, affordable, lasts a long time, and smells amazing. Its one of the most hydrating oils you can use, it’s all natural, and there are so many uses for it that it’s almost a crime to not have a jar in your house.

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