Me and moms hands

It’s been almost four years since my mother went to Heaven. Even though she was in my life for over 30 years and we made a lot of memories, the ones I really remember the most are the last eight months of her life. When she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer I immediately went home to be with her and our whole family rallied around to take care of her. Instantly I was fearful. I was in shock. But I knew work needed to be done. I didn’t want to get a phone call that something happened. I wanted to be there if it did.

But being one of her caregivers was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

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I’ve been traveling for what seems like non-stop since this summer. I visited Belize, then Vegas for the Soul Train Awards, then Costa Rica for a much-needed solo retreat and now I am back in New York trying to catch up on life! While I’ve had a freaking blast seeing the world it was actually my hair that has paid the price of my amazing time. I don’t know how we got here, maybe it’s the airplane air, but it’s been super hard to keep the moisture in my hair. And please let’s not talk about the lack of shine it possesses.  View Full Post

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From pet treats, to stay-all-day mascara, to bacon every month boxes (yes this is a real thing, Google it) there’s absolutely no shortage of subscription boxes out there. So I take my job really seriously when I review these boxes and spread the word on which ones are worth your hard earned coins.

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Let’s be honest, we face lots of demands from work, family, and the rest of the world. This election season has sent everyone’s blood pressure up the roof as the old folks say. In all the chaos of the day, there’s often little time to consider our own state of well-being. Getting extra sleep, eating nutritionally dense foods, and exercising are all great habits to support health and cultivate long-term stress reduction, but these habits also take time and/or energy to develop, and sometimes busy schedules just don’t allow for that.

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Storytime: So one night I was up on my phone Facebook surfing until the sandman attacked my eyelids. It must have been around midnight or maybe later. My good good girlfriend, Danielle Young (if you follow me on social than you already know her) posted that she had just found one of those flight deals and bought had bought herself a roundtrip ticket to Belize.

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Remember when we were kids and Halloween costumes were so easy (AND they always fit). Well! Now I’m almost 40 (AYE #ScorpioSeason is upon us) and my patience and waist size don’t match the inner kid that lives inside of me. She wants to participate so badly but life is just happening at record speed and Halloween costume shopping is not on the agenda this year (or any year really). Since Halloween is like…tomorrow, IT Cosmetics is helping us create the perfect Halloween costume that only requires one thing–MAKEUP! View Full Post