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The road to becoming Ty Alexander has been quite an interesting one. I’ve “lived a little!” Cues corny uplifting music.

I was a teenage mom, I’ve been damn near homeless and more recently my mother went to Heaven and my entire world was left in beautiful chaotic mess. Through it all I’ve learned to ignore the “haters”. Especially the one that lives inside of my own head. I’ve learned to embrace every single bit of me. It’s so easy to embrace the good stuff, but are you ok with your selfish side? Are you ok with the extra little muffin top that no one how many crunches you do still likes to show up at the parties with you?

That’s what being unique is all about. Accepting everything that makes you YOU!

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10 Things You Should Know About Fat Girls
What is curvy, confident, insecure, pretty, ugly, feisty and sweet? A group of fat girls. Yes honey, we represent life’s variety;  just like finger prints, no two are the same. You heard me right, no two fat girls are the same, so stop putting us all in that raggedy ass box together.

Seen one fat girl, seen them all…LIES YOU TELL (in my Tamar voice)! We are nothing alike with the exception of having a little extra cushion (for the pushing) and hell even that is different. There are still some who think that they know all of us just because they know a couple of us and to that I say…HAVE SEVERAL SEATS (yep Tamar again)!

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nars be audacious

Listen! I AM A MASCARA SNOB. You might ask, “what is that?” It’s wear you spend a little extra for good mascara. Not that I don’t love a good drugstore find, because I most certainly do. BUT, it’s a few things I require my mascara to possess (things snobs say)!

For me, bristles matter! Packaging matters! Design matters. I am a sucker for a fancy box. You know the bells and whistles. But you have to be careful with some of those whistles. They can be broken upon purchase. Like, you’re just paying for fancy box, the great mascara is sold separately–from another brand.

Fortunately, this is NOT the case for NARS Audacious Mascara!

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It’s no secret that I am in love with the NARS brand (check my phone case if you ever see me out!). So when they have new products on the market I have to share with you beauties.

Coming in September 2015, the NARSPro Palette is the first offering in a line of products designed with the professional makeup artist community in mind. This doesn’t mean it’s just for MUAs though. If you are a beauty enthusiasts,  just like me, you’ll be just as geeked at the amount of product these palettes can hold.

With two size options of the NARSPro Palettes and over 64 refill shades (yes girl, sixty-four), the opportunity to mix and match different shades of eyeshadows, blushes, bronzer, and pressed powders is ENDLESS.

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