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Makeup has always been the forefront of my beauty routine. I remember being grounded for sneaking my mother’s red lipstick to school and wearing her favorite rouge lippie on picture day (don’t ask me what I was thinking)! But as an adult I’ve been searching for more ways to cut down the time I spend in the bathroom. I share a cozy one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend so you can imagine what are arguments consist of. How long I am in the bathroom! And why he didn’t put the toilet seat down!

Now that I am in my last year of my thirties, I love products that still give me that youthful glow and easily convince people that I am not a day over 25. #LiesTheyTell

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Redbook magazine curated their first annual blogger beauty box and guess who got their hands on this exclusive fabulousness! Me, duh!

Redbook and I have been in a loving relationship for the past few years. I read the publication each month and I’ve even been featured in the glossy a few times (see here and here!). So obviously I’m excited to be able to preview this box and give you beauties a first look.

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You beauties should know by now I am on a never ending journey to find the perfect skin care routine. I know never ending sounds intense but that’s only because I’m a Scorpio and I have serious commitment issues. Add on the fact that I love new things and my issue turns into a massive problem. I use to think that perfect skin just sort of happened, no work is needed. I also believe in fairies and unicorns (please don’t try to tell me otherwise). But in the real world, perfect skin requires good products and daily work.

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In my quest to find new dope bloggers I was reminded of how much I love to read. I love how people tell stories. We say that the Internet is saturated with the same content when in reality it’s that everyone is being lazy with their words. Everyone is aggregating content just to be the first person online to post it. The Internet would be much more pleasing if we all wrote with our honest minds instead of copying someone else’s. But I digress.

As I was looking for new bloggers, this week I focused on the layout of the blog (it’s a pet peeve of mine) and a unique perspective in the blogosphere.

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