essence black women in hollywood

Flossing with the 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label in White Platinum

Attending the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood event with Lincoln Motor Company was without a doubt the highlight of my 2017 and it’s only February. For the 10th anniversary of ESSENCE’S most coveted black girl magic bash they held no punches. The room was brimming with legends and next generation game changers. The little girl inside of me who would lock herself in the bathroom and stand on a stool and recite acceptance speeches in the mirror was in heaven.  View Post

2016 was a great year for me. I did a my first national campaign with an eye care brand which you can still see in CVS, I did my first commercial with BET, and I got engaged to the love of my life. We spent most of Q4/2016 traveling and now that 2017 is here we are deep into wedding planning. With less than 200 days until our big day we’re so thankful that Minted came to the rescue for our stationery needs. Who know ordering invitations was such a task? View Post

ty alexander gorgeous in grey

Finding the best highlighters for brown skin can be a first world kinda problem for some (hence my stank face above). Some are too glittery, some are too flat and some…well some clearly were not made with us in mind. Bronze and golden pigments are undeniably an instant winner for us brown girls. With the warmer weather chasing old man winter out the door it’s time to think about what your glow up will look like this Spring.

Here’s 7 of the best highlighters (IMO).

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We all know that the best gifts that you’ve ever received were the ones you bought yourself. So this Valentine’s day I think it’s high time you pamper yourself (single, married or complicated) with a few things that will make your heart completely turn over and swoon with joy and other sappy stuff. I mean after all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important and it’s so worthy of the celebration. So because I love you (and maybe I am buying these too) here’s 7 gift ideas to help you do all of the above. View Post

how to boost your seo

I tell everyone who is looking to become a full-time blogger that you need to figure out (quickly) what your streams of income will be. Having multiple streams of income is the only way you will survive. There will be times when the sponsored post game will be scarce (first quarter is always rough for me) and you won’t be able to pay your bills on promised money. One of my streams of income is ad sales. Through lots of trail and error, I’ve learned that the only way to make decent money with ad sales (and I’m talking commas) is to boost your blog’s traffic using SEO techniques. There are lots of tricks and proven tips that get your blog noticed by the Internet God–Google! Since we learned in grade school that sharing is caring…here’s a few SEO tips for all my blogger babes! View Post