HELLO WORLD! I have no idea what this blog is supposed to be or going to be. Other than my own online therapy for my crazy, busy, sometimes twisted life. As a member of the press it’s hard to separate yourself  from your product. I constantly feel the need to censor my thoughts and opinions. So today (while I procrastinate on designing the layout of Iconography Magazine) I started a blog so I could talk about the things of love – fashion, beauty and of course LIFE.

Hope you enjoy the thoughts (about facts and speculations in the world) of a 30-something media gal who secretly wishes to grace the cover of Vogue but will settle for front row at the Marc Jacobs show (or maybe Christian Siriano). What you are about to read are just my thoughts – be easy…don’t sue me…or hold me accountable for anything I might type, unless it comes with a suitcase full of cash!

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