You’re cordially invited to… Blog Café 2.0!.

Mingle with some of the most uber fab bloggers (including me), while we network with each other and of course our readers.

Can’t wait to meet you!


Who: Bloggers and Site owners

What: Networking event for bloggers/site owners and their readers.

Where: PS 450* | 450 Park Avenue South (between 30th & 31st streets)

When: Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 | 6pm-9pm

Why: Because sometimes we can all use a little break from our Macs and PCs to network and mingle in person.

(Free gift bags provided by some participating bloggers)
Please come out and show your support!

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Although its hard to imagine, with all this humid air amongst us, summer will soon be over. The leaves will begin to fall and the cool night breezes will enter. So as you get those invites to the city’s fab events lets think about that color we all want for this Fall.

The new “it” fall color to rock is scarlet, a bright red color with a hint of orange. Whether its an uber fab fashion week party or dinner with the girls this color makes the perfect garment or accessory pop! Take a look some of my fav designer pieces via Net-A-Porter.

Mercedes Benz Swim Week in Miami is like booty heaven for men, I would assume. That’s like Victoria’s Secret on steriods. I can’t imagine what male photographer wouldn’t want to attend – a week FULL of swim wear, my boyfriend was there. Now if you’re a hardcore fashion junkie, like myself, you shouldn’t expect more than a tan during Swim Week. I mean really, how many times can you see a swimsuit walk down the runway.

There were a few that made me tilt my head to the side, pout my lips and say “that’s cute!”. Check out some of my favorite lines showcased at the event. View Post

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge problem with the way our little girls dress these days. Now, thanks to Old Navy, your little princess can wear skinny jeans just like you – and they come in slim and plus size too.

As if grown women don’t already have a problem with body image. Now we are infecting our little girls. I am sure this is just a marketing tool, using cool grown up words, but I think this all wrong for obvious reasons.

What happens to the chunky fat girl who buys the super plus skinny jeans? Not every one grows up to be Mo’Nique? Super Plus Skinny jeans doesn’t even sound right.

Your thoughts?















Fashion photographer, Mario Epanya, has been trying to convince Conde Nast (publishers of Vogue) that Vogue Africa is both necessary and beautiful. He’s even went as far as making mock covers.

Well just like Sarah Palin, the campaign is over for Epanya. Conde Nast apparently rejected his ideas to create another Vogue. I am curious (and still searching) to read some exact quotes from Conde Nast, as you probably are too. I can’t imagine people really believe this is merely about race. Sure a large portion probably is, however in these hard economical times were many publications are going online I can hardly see Vogue creating another edition (I mean its already in 18 countries now). This would mean more staff and expenses. But I am just playing devils advocate.

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