I almost I got excited when I read that Saks Fifth Ave would soon be carrying plus-size apparel from uber luxe designers like Chanel, YSL, and McQueen until I realized a few very important points. I can’t afford luxe designers no matter what size I am. Quite frankly as much as I love fashion I would have to really be “rolling in the dough” for me to drop thousands of dollars for a pair of shoes.


I also really wonder if there is a true reason why only few take a stab at creating plus size clothing. When I “google” plus size one of my favorite retailers come up – Torrid.com. Then Lane Bryant, a few Amazon listings, and then it all becomes very random after that. So it’s clear there is a major clothing void in the fatosphere. View Post

I am not at all surprised that Janice Dickinson has posed nude. The better question would be what for?

The veteran supermodel bares all in Closer Magazine and tell us she ‘loves’ her body. Well, I would to if I paid for it.


The former supermodel turned reality TV star is currently filming Celebrity Rehab. Janice tells Closer Magazine, “I love my body, but it’s a compulsive obsession. I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic. I relax, meditate and do 80 minutes of yoga every day. I hike and make sure everything I eat is organic. I eat steamed fish, chicken and turkey, plus salads, carrot juice and supplements.”

Guess you gotta maintain the surgeon’s work right?! *shrugs shoulders*

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Fashion is always pushing the envelope for new and innovative imagery but when is it too much? Just when you think that we’ve gotten over that racial hump you are reminded that perhaps some “ish” will never change?


Do you think some things should be left in the past? Or can we recreate them and move one? Or is it like the “N” word and only we can do it?

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As a young black girl suffering from severe boredom I often wrote poetry to express myself. So when I flipped through the last issue of Essence Magazine (the one with Jada on the cover) that celebrated the love we all should have for ourselves as black women – I instantly became inspired. With so much going on in life it was a refreshing read.

I am gonna share my work with you but here’s my disclaimer: I am sensitive about my “ish” (in my Erykah Badu voice) so please leave a comment to show your love. View Post

Dear DMV Blogger,


Do you feel like you’re the ONLY blogger writing in the DMV area? Well we all know that’s not true. So me and a couple of my blogger friends (Abdu Ali – Eat On This.com and KellyOhBaltimore.com ) decided we should have a bloggers event. How chic would it be to have a brunch?! **claps hands**

The purpose of this event would be to meet and greet your fellow DMV bloggers and readers, get blogging tips, and ultimately form a support network for bloggers in the DMV.

Leave a comment below (be sure to leave your blog url) and let us know if you would like to participate.

We’re still in the beginning stages of this uber fab event but I think we can pull it off.