There’s definitely a void for quality, trendy, plus fashion. Born and raised in Chicago, Tennille White, has arrived and is ready to show curvy women just how sexy we can be! I chatted with Tennille one Friday afternoon and in a matter of minutes I fell in love with her spirit, her passion for the curvy world, and her homegirl personality.

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Next to Fashion Week, Spa Week is the greatest week ever (and trust me it’s ranks as a close second)! An entire week of pampering for just $50. If you’ve ever been to the spa you know that some of these services can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 so a trip to the spa is left for special occasions only!

Each participating spa offers 2-3 services for the spa week discounted price. In order to take advantage of Spa Week, you should register on for exclusive information on participating spas. Booking started on March 14th so you are a little behind. So hurry!

Beauty, like fashion, changes at the drop of a dime and apparently so does your nail polish. In the Mood nail polish changes color when heated to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you didn’t know, our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees but our fingertips are a bit cooler. Thus explaining why my hand/tips are always freezing.

Depending on your mood or what you are doing to increase/decrease your body temperature the nail polish will change colors. So try running your hands under warm or hot water, or going outside, or maybe even get angry with your boyfriend will do the trick.

The colors will continue to change back and forth as your body temperature changes. Cool huh?! Watch the video to see how it works.

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I’ve watched Crystal Renn go from big to small, to small to big, and now big to ex-small. As I bid farewell to her curves (and all of my fatshion posts about her) I truly sympathize for her. I can’t help but wonder how she feels. I mean she has the same weight struggles as many of us and instead of settling for a mediocre career in the plus world she’s chosen to “get thin” again and conquer the world as the next supermodel.  I know I just got a lot of O_o from you guys but lets be honest with ourselves here. If Crystal Renn were still plus size would she still be booking the same covers and ad campaigns that she is now?

Here’s a look at her latest for Vogue Mexico.

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Don’t you just love when Hip Hop creates a word that can paint a perfect picture. Insert the phrase SHOE-A-CIDE to any one of my shoe posts because it totally describes my love for luxe things on my feet (or just luxe things). Lucky for you, your Louis bag will thank me for this post.

Shortly after SJP was crowned as the new President and CCO of Halston, the brand created H by Halston; an uber chic, less pricey line of shoes and handbags exclusively sold at Bakers. Fall in the love with their recent spring/summer ad campaign. View Post