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I have to admit, 2015 has been a fantastic year. Yes, there were some lows but there were a lot of highs too. This year proved to be one in which women soared above expectations and did all kinds of queen sh*t. One group of women that really enjoyed plenty of highs are my plus size beauties. Despite the lack of real trendy clothes to buy, these ladies with a little extra cushion definitely did it big (pun intended) in 2015 and dabbed on anyone who tried to stand in our way. View Full Post


We all love King Bey and her song that made us feel like the queens that we are, but even royalty makes mistakes. We all have insecurities and go through tough times in life that can really affect our mindsets.

Being “flawless” is a coined phrase to be taken lightly, but we should not take it so literal that we forget to be human. Being yourself is the perfect way to put that “flawless” mentality to good use. Living in a world where Instagram is life and perfection is a common and encouraged mentality, it’s detrimental to our personal wellness and doesn’t contribute to positive feelings about ourselves.

Here are three reasons why being perfect isn’t something we should be aiming for and why you are flawless the way you are.

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Pop Up Plus Look Book

So, this happened last week. YES girl they got me to put on a tutu and play dress up. You know if I had my way I’d be in sweats and converses all day, every day! But this was fun and a great way for me to get out of my boring “I need all the black clothes in the world” box.

This holiday season, Pop Up Plus introduces their first ever “Magalog” – an extended lookbook and catalog with a magazine feel. CEO of Pop Up Plus, Camille Newman says, “It’s just a little extra gift for our amazing customers this holiday!”
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Zales Holiday Wish List

Once I became an adult, which I will add literally just happened within the last five years, I realized that Christmas gifts were a distant childhood memory that I desperately need and want to make my reality again. Growing up, my parents showered us with gifts all year around but Christmas was a HUGE deal. So huge that my mother and father would try to out do each other with their gifts to each other. Something about gift giving and taking the time out to really think about what the other person would like is such a warming act. This year I am throwing all kinds of hints to the people I love and who love me!  View Full Post

4 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick After Halloween

Hello lovelies, Jordan here! You’re probably wondering, “Black lipstick? Really? It’s well past black lipstick’s time.” Well to me, it’s not. I love wearing my black lipstick, especially since it gives such a stark contrast to the everyday reds and pinks that are a part of every woman’s beauty routine. Black lipstick is normally associated with Halloween or the pre-Halloween occasion, but for anyone who’s like me and loves to wear their black lipstick after that time, I’ve got four fresh ways for you to wear black lipstick with pride.
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American Heart Association You Go Girl 2

A few weeks ago I traveled to Chicago with American Heart Association to kick off their newest Go Red For Women campaign, #YouGoGirl. I’ve been a long time supporter of American Heart Association. Their Red Dress Collection fashion show is one of my all time favorite events during fashion week. So when I was asked to help kick off this campaign I was thrilled. And then I thought, “Oh snap, I haven’t been to the doctor in forever!” (feel free to judge me!) View Full Post