Anyone else tired of the “What are you wearing tonight?” questions during the red carpet specials. You can always expect a few awkward questions from the on-air talent who may or may not have done their research on our favorite celebrities and you can definitely count on that annoying overused mani cam to make an appearance (and honestly how many nail beds can we critique). But this red carpet special was far from a snooze fest, thanks to E!. View Full Post

youtube gorgeousingrey

What’s goings ons in the lands of Zamundas?!

We’re eight days into 2016 and I feel mad accomplished because I actually filmed, edited and published a Youtube video. In the spirit of transparency I will share that it’s been super hard to get back to work after I being unplugged for nearly three weeks. My body, and my brain, were like…”Wait, so we’re NOT going to lay on the couch in our robe all day?!” I ain’t gonna lie and say that I didn’t give in (multiple times) and chilled mad hard in my robe for the first four days of 2016. But, reality has set in and I just cannot live my life that way, although it’d be real nice. All that’s missing is someone to pay my bills, cook me food and drive me places–where’s my sugar daddy! Ugh…

*wakes up from daydreaming*

I figured I’d be like, ya know, a beauty blogger and all and share some makeup tips with you beauties. Since I’ve mastered my everyday makeup look I decided to share all of my gems with you guys. All of the links to buy the products I used are listed below. Make sure you thumbs up this video, share witcha friends, leave a comment and subscribe (I know I ask for so much huh?).  View Full Post

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Good morning, what’s goings on in the lands of Zamundas! (aye Snapchat fam)

SO. In my mind, I had quit the blue. I thought it was hindering my chances to be on TV and I thought if I looked… like… regular, it would happened (like I can really be regular). But TV just hasn’t happened yet. And for a millisecond, I thought I was too old for blue hair. Y’all know that didn’t last long. Cause I ain’t too old for anything! But seriously. I am back to dating the blue again and I kinda feel like this is my signature (part 2, because lets face it, the grey is my signature!). View Full Post

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It’s week one of 2016 and everyone has many irons in the fire. For many people, they’ve been planning and setting goals for the New Year since the Summer or early Fall. Now, things are in full swing; new ideas, new goals and creative juices are at a high, the question is, how long will it last? View Full Post

2016 reader survey

I’ve been blogging for almost six years and I just realized that I’ve never asked who you were. Like, I don’t know where you’re from, if you went to a HBCU, or if you love fruit snacks like me (I promise you those are just jokes I don’t really want to know all of that).

Either way, your opinion and feedback means the world to me and although we chat via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat I want to know what you WANT and NEED. SO I need to hear from you!

I’d love you even more if you could take a few minutes to fill out the survey. By doing so, you will ultimately be making your life easier. Why? Because you will be helping me create content even more interesting and relevant to you! BET?

The survey is easy to fill out, and the results are completely anonymous. I won’t see who said what and I definitely won’t know if you went to a HBCU either (but you can tell me if you like, I went to Hillman College!). The best part is that you will finish in less than five minutes (unless you type mad slow and then you have bigger adult issues than I can fix). Also to sweeten the pot, I will have a few prizes for a few random participants who have completed the survey!

Once completed, the results will be posted here on le blog for all to see.

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While this post is sponsored by LensCrafters via Socialstars, you beauties know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my blog possible! #LensCraftersCrowd

You could should know by now that I kinda feel naked without my glasses and I actually need 1,000 pairs to feel complete. Surprisingly I managed to unplug (kinda, I just didn’t blog for a week…who really quits social media), and during that time I went to get my eyes checked thanks to Lenscrafters. View Full Post