Cyber Monday Beauty DealsHey beauties, Maui here!

I know that most of you have already started shopping for the holiday season, I sure have! Like many of you my main goal is to find a deal that I can’t deny, which is why I live for guaranteed deal days. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all days that you are guaranteed to get the best deals of the year with the exception of after holiday sales.

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thanksgiving dinner

This holiday season, I am overly “emo” about everything. Every sad movie scene (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 really did a number on me), or depressing verse in any sappy song (please don’t play All I Want For Christmas in my presence) you can best believe that I am in tears accompanied by a snotty nose and uncontrollable lip quivers.

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You beauties know that one of my favorite beauty brands is CoverFX. Besides the fact that they have an absurd number of foundations for women of color, they are a brand who really knows the issues women have when it comes to coverage.

Now, Cover FX is barking on a territory that I think they should have been conquered long ago–SKIN CARE.

Insert Custom Infusion Drops.

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Young woman wearing fur coat

Moving can be an absolute pain! I’ve moved at least 7 times in the last 10 years and I only hired movers one of those times. Not only is the act of moving your things from one place to another utterly soul shattering, but packing all your belongings and then unpacking them with an attempt to put them exactly where they were could cause a panic attack.

While I AM not moving ANY TIME SOON, I figured since I am a bit of a pro at this I’d share all the moving hacks I’ve learned along the way and a few I Googled that I wish I had of known when I was moving.

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Dyson Humidifier Gorgeous In Grey IMG_0061
Mother Nature and I have a weird relationship. I’m a girl who LOVES seasons. Like, my spirit depends on it. I get all rude and cranky when I am either too cold or too hot or I’ve been too cold or too hot for too long! I’m an East Coaster true and through. I love the spring breeze that brings the cherry blossoms just as much as I love the hot summer nights us New Yorkers spend rooftopin’ our summers away with. 

But as I get older the air that Mother Nature provides is killing me softly. We can all blame technology for our lack of clean air. But because the Internet and public transportation are now must-haves we shall overcome. Honestly, New York might be the dirtiest place on Earth (I still stan for her though)! With winter happening like tomorrow, the weather will get colder and the air will get drier. The combination of that air, your thermostat turned to “on fleek” and your windows locked and sealed to hide from the hawk outside, it could be affecting your beauty routine. You might want to consider purchasing a humidifier (I’ve got mine).

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Grenada Trip Gorgeous In Grey IMG_6993

The Internet knows me as DocFabulous (more on that later) and I could possibly be considered a travel junkie. I literally hear the ocean breeze and palms trees calling my name in my sleep! I’ve diagnosed myself as a perpetual summer chaser, and my path to getting my next fix always leads to the JFK airport here in New York. Last month I treated myself (I do this often) to a quick girl trip with my spirit twin, Leslie and we flew to the beautiful island of Grenada, affectionately known as the Spice Island!

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