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Hey beauties, it’s Jordan!

Any one else have a hard time putting on full face? It’s especially hard for me when I’m at school and don’t have a need or want to put on foundation, contour, highlight, etc. One way to get out of that regimen is by improving the look of a makeup-free face on a daily basis.

Lucky for you, I’m going to show you five things that you can do to improve your skin!
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While this post is sponsored by LensCrafters via Socialstars, you beauties know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my blog possible! #LensCraftersCrowd

Confession: I am an eyeglass hoarder. Like seriously! Once it become cool and stylish to wear eyeglasses (in like, the last decade) I instantly became super geeked to wear my own. I’ve got red, pink, white, grey (of course), big, tiny, cat eye–you name the style I’ve probably got it. And my collection keeps growing. You see, I am a true eyeglasses wearer. I’ve been wearing glasses nearly my entire life. Yes, I was that cute little 11-year-old rocking glasses. But back then it was not cute to me. I conveniently lost every pair until my mother would let me get contacts.

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beauty vloggers

Photo Credit: Its My Raye Raye

Vlogging: A new and fun way to express one’s views through Youtube videos!

Hey beauties, Jordan here! Youtube is such a great platform that we use (check out our Youtube channel), but there are also tons of beauty bloggers and vloggers out there who know how to show normal gals how to makeup their faces and show us how to do magical things…like contouring! One of the issues I find when looking for beauty tutorials is that it’s hard to find other black vloggers out there doing beauty. That’s where these ladies come in! There are some big names out there in the vlogging game, but today, hows about you let us introduce you to 6 black beauty vloggers you should follow right now?

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when to ditch or replace your makeup

I totally get it – we don’t want to part with our good, expensive makeup that we’ve never quite finished off. Our hearts die a little bit inside having to toss a Chanel eye palette or a never-restocked lip color that you so happen to LOVE. However, it is so important to know when to ditch old products for the sake of our health and replace with fresh ones…and I am not being dramatic at all.

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nycfww buick

So about NYC’s Wine & Food Festival–it was wildly amazing! I’ve recently decided to relinquish all of my inhibitions when it comes to food. My palette is far less progressive than your average 39-year-old so I’ve been doing everything in my power to change that. The New York Wine & Food Festival seemed like a great place to challenge my taste buds.

Thanks to Buick I was able to experience some of the best food pairings by some of the top chefs. I know you’re wondering what on earth does a car brand have to do with food and or wine (no drinking and driving people!). View Full Post

Multitasking Businesswoman

It’s true! Being a mother is the hardest job ever. I thought that I would be less worried now that my son is 20 but that is far from the truth. But it was much harder when he was younger. I remember when my son was in middle school I tried to trust that he’d walk home the two blocks we lived from his school without getting in trouble. Bad decision on my behalf. There were broken teeth, bullies and he even got lost once. And by lost I mean he decided to head to the playground with a group of friends instead of coming home.

Add on all the random sniffles and flus (oh and he played football) and you can imagine the stress I endured. Caring for your children and your family can send you to the crazy house.

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