I’m so excited that all my favorite actresses are nominated for the 2017 SAG Awards. My beauty friends and I created the SAG Awards Nominee Beauty Challenge over on YouTube were we all were tasked with recreating one of our favorite looks from a nominee. I choose my homegirl in my head, Ugo Aduba. This look was easy and not that far off from what I would normal wear on a night out with the mister.

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The Best Signs Seen At The Women's March

Obviously this isn’t from today, I’m just pro-black and I love this pic!

Today millions of women attended the Women’s March because many feel we’ve been insulted, demonized, and threatened by Trump. There were marches in DC, New York, Chicago, Charlotte…you name it women around the country were up in arms protesting our recently elected president. I’ll reframe from gassing you up with my political views because that’s what my Facebook feed is for.

The march today proved two things: (1) Women can really come together and make powerful statements, (2) We are the masters at creating meme-worthy viral protesting signs. Here’s the best signs seen at the Women’s March.

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apps for freelancers

When I first got laid off from my full time job I panicked. That is, until someone convinced me that freelancing could be a very lucrative business for me. This career path has allowed me to build skills I would have never learned otherwise. I’ve also managed to double the salary that I was making at my full-time job.

So what’s the catch?

The burnout rate is high and rapidly growing. If you don’t have stellar organizational skills and a business strategy (because this is your business), it’s easy to lose control over your budding empire. Contracts will be lost, you’ll damage your reputation and soon you will stop booking jobs altogether.

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foundation tips for dark skin

Even though I’ve written a post about the best foundation for brown girls I still get lots of questions about how to find the right foundation for our #BlackGirlMagic complexions and how to apply it. Foundation is something that go really wrong really quick. Like, really quick! And I’ve always believed that a women’s foundation is the beginning of one of two things: (1) a model worthy selfie or (2) an insanely horrible mugshot impersonation. Let’s always aim for the never winning at the latter.

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The world needs to hear your story. That’s what everyone kept telling me. It was 2012 and my mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Cancer felt like a death sentence. I walked through a range of emotions that, at the time, I thought would kill me in the end. I decided to document my experience with death and grief in my first book Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died because you know what…it didn’t kill me.

I learned that our experiences drive our human connection. Human connection completes us. Gives us purpose. Sharing your story has so many benefits: View Post