3 Ways To Be More Tactful

woman whispering to another woman

Being tactful or being more discreet is just that—having the ability to clearly communication your point all while being sensitive to those around you. Eek. My real friends know that I often times fail at this. There’s a really thin line between hiding what you really feel and presenting your ideas, opinions and thoughts in a way that makes them inoffensive.

This post is really a reminder for me, but I figured it might help one of you beauties too. Here’s 5 ways you can be more discreet in sharing your feelings. View Full Post

9 Ways To Get More Sponsored Posts


Getting more sponsored posts is every blogger’s goal but it can be a huge task. Especially if you’re a new blogger and your traffic needs a little work. They (IDK who they is, but I do know that #they don’t want you to win) will tell you that having good numbers is golden and it’s a major key to monetizing your blog. While this is very true, you shouldn’t wait until your numbers are skyrocketing to monetize your blog. High numbers help, but it’s like the difference between driving a luxury car versus an American car or…walking! And at this point, at least you are not walking. So for now, focus on what you do have and be clear on how you can convert that into dollars! View Full Post

7 Times Erykah Badu Kept It 100 & Made Us Laugh


Erykah Badu kicked the Neo-Soul music doors wide open snatching the hinges off in 1996 and got things popping like fish grease. Since that time her voice as an artist has grown along with the respect she’s gained as a woman. Erykah gave birth to a sound that is so unique to her, yet so conscious and so relevant. She’s a woman who is not ashamed of her truth, nor is she afraid to share it.

Aside from the fact that Erykah Badu has a thing for musicians and they clearly have a thing for her, we’ve had the pleasure of learning many things about the Queen of Neo-Soul. Her willingness to share her truth in a raw and uncut fashion is yet another reason why we can’t get enough of Erykah Badu, a.k.a Fat Belly Bella, a.ka. DJ Low-Down Loretta Brown…we could keep going!  View Full Post

Top 5 Sites To Buy Affordable Beauty Products

Top 5 Sites to Buy Affordable Beauty Products

From those expensive eyeshadow pallets to the latest trends in hair care, a simple trip to the store is enough to break a beauty addict’s budget. I just dropped $75 at Ricky’s. Dude I bought FOUR things. LAWRD.

Since we are clearly not going to STOP buying makeup we have to find a balance. There’s a few discount beauty websites that offer huge deals on basic and high-end products. These sites let makeup lovers (points at you and me) stock up and try out more of their favorites for way less. Check out five sites to buy affordable beauty products:  View Full Post

That Time The Runyon Canyon Tried To Kill Me

Runyon Canyon Gorgeous In Grey IMG_8099

LISTEN! So I had this bright idea to hike up the Runyon Canyon. It’s been on my bucket list for years and since I was in LA for my last trip with Buick (read about my year-long adventures here) I convinced my boyfriend, my fellow blogger from the Buick crew and his daughter to hike up the mountain on our free day. View Full Post

5 Dupes For Kylie Jenner’s Sold-Out Lip Kits (Or You Can Pay $10K On eBay?)

lipstick dupes kylie lip kit

Listen, I love lipstick from the inner creases of my soul but Kylie Jenner is tripping. From first sight I knew her colors looked really familiar.

Wait. I won’t place all the blame on Kylie because in reality the color wheel ain’t that round so dupes will happen. There’s just not that many colors.

But since her Lip Kit sold out in minutes (damn Kardashians) here’s five dupes that you can rock and still be as fly (maybe fly-er than) as Kylie. Or you can dish out the $10K that you probably don’t have on an eBay purchase. Chile please!  View Full Post