3 Natural Makeup Removers You Can Find In Your Kitchen

woman removing makeup

We all rave endlessly about those incredibly convenient makeup remover wipes. I’m also known to carry a pack or two of them in my bag for quick makeup removal or to freshen up my face when needed (i.e., humid day, post-workout).

But while makeup remover wipes seem to serve their purpose for those special on-the-go or time crunch situations, I have always wondered exactly how clean my skin was getting in using them. And I’m sure you’ve wandered the same thing, but the truth is, I’m not totally convinced that they remove all of the makeup and still wish to cleanse my face more thoroughly following use. Sort of reminds me of the folks that get the sudden urge to wash their hands with real water, even after using hand sanitizer. View Full Post

10 Things That Won’t Let Your Edges Live That Good Life

hair straightening

Hey Beauties, Nicole here!

The dryness and brutality of winter will suck the life out of your hair out. But you may be further assisting the damage when you think your protecting it via protective styling. Your first instinct maybe to find a protective style like braids or a sew-in which isn’t a bad option but in this weather, we need to take special care of our hair, and edges, or come summer we may not have any and who want’s that.

Unlike that ex-boyfriend that keeps coming back like a bad habit, once your edges are gone, they are gone for good.

Here’s 10 things that will stop your edges from living that good life:

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The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals On The Internet!

Black Friday Deals

Technically Black Friday is happening now. While I love a good sale I am tapping out on the festivities this year to spend more time with my budget (and my family) but that should not stop you from indulging in finding your next favorite luxury purchase.

If long lines aren’t your cup of tea, shop online. And now you can do this on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Because I love you, I’ve gathered a few deals to give you a head start on your holiday list!

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