The New Trend Perfect For Plus Size Women: Oversized Coats

oversized coats for plus sized women

God bless the genius trendsetter who made this oversized trend a thing again. But finding the right oversized coat for plus size women is the new task. Most oversized coats for plus size women are way too big and personally remind me of a modern-day Yogi Bear (if that’s even possible). And who wants to wear that costume this winter. Not I!


oversized coats for plus size women

Lucky for us there’s an easy fix that will not only flatter our bodies but boost our self-esteem too. I haven’t bought anything but a size 18 in over three years, but this fall I am shopping in the straight section thanks to this trend! So what shall it be–pink, patterns, black & white–there’s so many to choose from. There goes my paycheck!

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  1. November 11, 2013 / 10:57 pm

    That yellow Oasap is FIERCENESS. Love the color & adore the fact that many designers have cute/edgy/trendy coats for us curvy divas. It doesn’t matter if you spend your whole pay check, honey. At least you’ll look fab ’til the next one. Loves it all!

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