NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013: Yep, It’s My New Fave Gloss!

The NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013 collection is way too cute and more important it’s budget friendly. I will confess that I haven’t used this brand since high school (which was like 60 years ago, I kid). I was surprised to see so many vibrant highly pigmented bold colors. 

I am totally over this 10 degrees crap we are experiencing in New York. So I am elated to be invited to anything that is labeled SPRING! And you guys know how much I adore playing in makeup.



I am all about color these season, so I instantly fell in love. The glosses were my favorite for sure. They have a MAC feel when you apply them (but not as sticky and not nearly as pricey) and it doesn’t take a zillion strokes of it to show it’s color. That made me smile. So this morning I was geeked to try out the stuff in my swag bag. I started with the glosses since they stood out the most. I will do another post of the eye shadow palettes (later when I actually get dolled up to go out & play).

Check out a few images from the night, the actual glosses against my skin, and the others product that I received. (click any image below to start the gallery)

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3 Responses to NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013: Yep, It’s My New Fave Gloss!

  1. Joanna says:

    The lip glosses are cute!

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  3. EatStylePlay says:

    The glosses are soo pretty!

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