New York City Father-Daughter Team Launches ‘’

Father Daughter of

Have you ever conducted a search on YouTube, just to find everything but that essential everyday smokey eye or drugstore foundation review? Well there is beauty duo, a dad and daughter duo to be exact, who have created a comprehensive site powered by YouTube that filters the online community to each users’ specific preferences.



Homepage to “I Want That Look!”

Georgia Becker, who happens to be 14 years-old, and her step father Joe Ghartey created this website to take the guesswork out of searching for beauty videos. How many 14 year-old daughter and dad duos do you know that have created their own beauty search engine, it’s ok I’ll wait…


Customization page from the website.

One of the cool features of “I Want That Look,” is the fact that it has a customizable search technology. Viewers who go on this site can set their video picks based on the intensity of the makeup applied (light, everyday makeup vs. intense beat face) and also the skin tone of the YouTuber (making it easier for viewers to buy products that best suits their skin tone and shade).


Georgia Becker, co-creator of “I Want That Look!”

If you want to learn specific techniques or want to watch your favorite beauty gurus or up-and-coming gurus, you can do this and so much more on I “Want That Look!”

I know for me, being that I am an avid YT user, this site makes it so much easier to track what you like to watch, but it also give you room to watch more videos to satisfy all of your beauty needs and wants.

Check out this video of the duo as they introduce their way too cool creation!

Text by Chakayla Taylor



  1. February 17, 2014 / 6:06 pm

    OMG I LOVE THIS! I love how her had pays close enough attention to know her frustrations with finding youtube videos and helped her capitalize on it. I know when ever I mention youtube to my dad all he probably hears is blah blah blah.

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