Dear Celebrity: So You Wanna Dye Your Hair Grey, That’s Cute & All But…

Toya Wright Gray Hair

Here we go again! Another season of fabulous hair trends and of course grey hair is leading the pack. This time the trend’s Internet buzz is driven by Toya Wright (she’s Lil’ Wayne’s first baby mama for those who are having a much warranted brain fart).

When I first saw this picture (on repeat via Instagram) I’ll admit, I thought it was kinda dope. A good Beyonce wave simply delights my inner diva. And I honestly feel that if you’re confident in your being you can pull off any hair color. But of course since I am naturally grey (a fact that I have to prove every time I leave my house because celebrities dye their hair and now people don’t believe it can be real), I have a rant that I’ve been sitting on since Rihanna first broke the Internet with her dingy ass grey weave.

ty alexander faqs about my grey hair

I’ve been grey all of my adult life (I’m now 38). I decided to stop covering up my grey when I turned 25. Call it my mid-life aha moment. But it wasn’t because I predicted the cool factor that grey hair now possesses. I just wanted to keep the hair I had. Because my hair grows as fast as a “is Beyonce pregnant again?” rumor, I was dying my hair nearly every week and perming/relaxing it every 4-6 weeks. I don’t think I really need to explain exactly what that was doing to my hair. Thin, brittle and a little disrespectful to the lifestyle of fabulousness I wanted to live, my hair and I had a “come to Jesus” moment and thus birthed my life as gorgeous in grey.

The problem is, for us naturally grey people the hair industry ain’t checking for us. I don’t care how many celebrity cool points #TeamGrey garners, I’m not convinced that this trend will change anything for us. There are very few products that actually work to make embracing grey hair easier. And through loads of global advertisements, the hair industry has made it clear to women with grey hair that we shouldn’t be grey. This fact alone makes me love this grey trend–proving to a room full of white male executives that grey hair is far from making us look or feel old.

But because this is merely a trend, this conversation never meets the right individuals. Toya’s hair will be grey for however long XYZ project will last and then she’ll move on. And rightfully so, it’s her hair.

This is where I get all in my feelings and slam my Macbook shut because I don’t even know who I have to call or write to for any of this to change. I just know that I want all those white male executives sitting in that board room who are deciding the fate of American beauty to know that my hair is just ONE of the many reasons why I am gorgeous. AND one of the many reasons why celebrities want my hair color is because it’s gorgeous! Period.

Shout out to Cheeno Grey for being a committed member of #TeamGrey

Shout out to Cheeno Grey for being a committed member of #TeamGrey

So to the women with natural grey who email me on a daily basis, I see you…and I think you’re gorgeous!

Now someone find me a grey weave dammit… 

About Ty Alexander

As seen in Redbook Magazine, CNN and NY Daily News, NY-based writer Ty Alexander makes grey hair not only acceptable but fierce and fabulous.

9 Responses to Dear Celebrity: So You Wanna Dye Your Hair Grey, That’s Cute & All But…

  1. julia says:

    Lol, why u hating? Toya looks amazing. She wears her grey hair well.

  2. virginia singleton says:

    I have naturally grey tapered hair which I love. I have been following you on instagram and like your page. I feel you on the grey weave. I’m not actually looking for a weave but I did want to purchase a wig as a protective style because this winter weather is hell on my hair. I asked one of the YouTube naturals who just started making wigs if she woukd be stocking any salt and pepper hair color wigs. She said she’d look into it.I’m still waiting lol.Thanks for keeping it real with us

  3. Sahira King says:

    I have been naturally grey (salt and pepper all the way though), beginning in my twenties. I love it. I’ve had stylist try to persuade me into dying my hair but I think It’s beautiful. I am 36 now and I will not dye my hair. #teamgrey

  4. Latrice says:

    Thank for this post! I recently found you via social media from following Kéla Walker in Twitter and you are hilarious! This post hits home because I am “developing my tenured character” with my hair & I know it will be strong because my Mama has the Ceuella strip & that’s where my grey is coming in.

    I see the full installs of the grey installs and I did feel some type of way because I (like yourself) have been coloring my “Character” for many years. It shows thru more now that my hair is short but I am growing to embrace it.

    Thank you for this post I loved it!!

  5. Mana says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but I just had to for this. I love this because it’s important. I dye my hair, currently because blue hair seemed like a good idea at the time (I’ve wanted it since I was a child looking through my dad’s comics) as did purple a couple months ago. However, I’ve had grey hair my whole life. I get it from my mother, My mother has black hair and has had grey streaks for as long as I can remember. People would say it made her look old, but she kept it because when I was little I told her I thought it made her look magical. Like a forest witch.
    I remember being 7 years old and having a hairdresser tell my mom that the patch of platinum blond at the back of my head was actually grey, and asking her if she wanted it dyed to match my strawberry blond hsir. Thankfully my mother thought she was beyond crazy, but it’s been commented on by hairdressers and a couple of my frends parents my whole life as though it were a bad thing. Always with the suggestion I cover it up.
    I love your hair, it’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. And I hope that this trend sticks around. I hope the trend of having whatever color you feel like sticks around. I think there needs to be more self expression, and self acceptance.
    I agree, white men need to learn there is more to beautiful than their stereotype. More than anything I agree with this.
    Sorry this comment is so long.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  6. My mother has been grey for a very long time and it looks fabulous on her beautiful skin. She gets compliments all the time but has a time dealing with it herself. She gets tired of it.
    Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club recently posted..Workout Wednesday Link Up #64My Profile

  7. NicoleLisa says:

    I believe I started graying or at least it was noticed when I was 12, al throughout my hair. My mother let me get rinses and then I started permanently coloring when rinses stopped taking (grays arw stu born little things) when I was 15. Now I’m 34, probably about 60 percent gray and have been struggling trying to grow out my gray without succumbing to another big chop.

    Part of me feels I’m should just go back to being a red head but I’m would like to see what I’m would look like with all of my grays. I admire you for rocking your NATURAL grays.

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