Making The Cover – July 2010

Gone are the days of the Supermodel.

I can confidently say that the advertisement world killed them all!

This post I decided to gather up my fav mag covers for July 2010. I noticed the lack of models and replacement of celebs.


Lucky for Kate Moss I think she is “the last of a dying breed.” Tyra Banks recently said that your chance of becoming a model was as great as getting struck by lightning, and I agree.

With brands looking to become these mega brands, how could you sell your product with the face of a model? They barely exist. And you wonder why we are all obsessed with celebrities – they are everywhere.

Take a look at all the covers I loved for the month of July (all Hey Bella approved). I searched for models … I couldn’t find them??

Kelly Rowland on South Africa Cosmo (I didn’t even know Cosmo had international editons)

Jada “nude” on Essence

Cameron Diaz on InStyle

M.I.A. on Complex

Nicki Minaj on Vibe

Jessica Biel on GLAMOUR

Nelly Furtado on FLARE

Shakira on Cosmo

Nicole Scherzinger on MAXIM

Taylor Swift on Marie Claire 

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