50+ Lipstick Ideas For Bridesmaids & Maid Of Honors

Me & my besties!

Me & my besties!

I also think back to that time I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. I learned a lot about friendships, love and that looking pretty on your special day pretty much trumps everything. If you and your bridal party look amazing all the mishaps, wedding woes, and WTF’s seem to fade away into the abyss of never minds.

When it comes to wedding planning, a lot of brides forget to plan the little things. Or they leave the planning solely up to their crew and then wanna interject when their girls have made a decision (insert annoyed emoticon here). Even though our bride has no idea what she wanted us to look like, fortunately for us, we had an amazing makeup artist, Jamaya Moore, who assisted us in making her big day as pretty as possible.

But when it comes to your wedding day, your bridesmaids should not over pretty you! I’m a huge advocate for red lipstick but I had to resist the urge because it was her day, not mine. Our artist introduced us to a vibrant yet calm orchid color that perfectly matched our dresses and allowed our bride to be the center of attention!

But perhaps you’re not as fortunate as we were and your artist isn’t in the know (kill me softly though and you should find yourself a new makeup artist). I’ve rounded up my picks for subtle yet chic lippies perfect for your girls.





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