SNAPPED: Kerry Washington & Jamie Foxx in LA Confidential (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Totes in love with Kerry Washington & Jamie Foxx in LA Confidential, SO INTO IT!

But am I the only person who gives celebrities imaginary friend roles? For example… both Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington are really good good friends of mine (in my mind). In my mind Jamie and I are ex’s but still really good friends because well, doesn’t everyone want a funny guy around. Kerry Washington has been my good girlfriend since “Save The Last”. I encouraged her to take that role.

I kid!

So naturally I’m doing little cartwheels on the inside because of their accomplishments — like this LA Confidential editorial. (click on each image to enlarge!)

I just might have to search for this magazine for purchase to add to my collection. The “DJANGO” stars dish on their natural chemistry, where they first met, and the struggle on being black in Hollywood.

Kerry on their natural chemistry: “What you see with Jamie and me—it’s rare. But it comes from a whole lot of crying, a whole lot of sharing, a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears.”

Jamie on when he first met Kerry?: “I remember exactly when I first saw you. You were driving up in your little green car. ‘Little Miss Do-good. Keepin’ the community clean so we can stay a little longer on the earth,’ and I’m thinking, Here comes somebody!”

Kerry on adversity for black actors: “My grandmother was a maid on Park Avenue and her grandmother was a slave. The expectations about what’s possible for African Americans is always shifting and always growing, but Jamie’s right: If you’re black in Hollywood, you have to be twice as good and work twice as hard as everybody else.”

Visit for more! OH & here’s a little something extra via video! 

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