We all know that our fairy style god mother, June Ambrose, didn’t invent the turban but she sure did make it fashionable to wear. She’s been fiercely sporting them in her oh so fabulous nature for the past year. It’s become her staple accessory. So naturally when we first heard that she’d be creating a line of turbans we were all uber excited.

Just like June, the turbans are bright and scream fabulous! I’ve got my style eye on the bright fuchsia turban.

The turbans range from $125-150 and can be purchased here. The DIY fashionista in me might just seek out some amazing fabric and work my magic.

Chime in with your thoughts, is $125 too much or is there no price for fabulousity!?

spotted @ glamazonsblog.com


If you are on twitter (and I know you are!) send a twitpic of you rocking a turban to @ebonymag and you’ll be entered to win one of June’s signature turbans that retail for $150.


  1. Tafari says:

    I LOVE June but 125-150 is a big pill to swallow for small accessories these days. I think that she could reach more people in the 50-75 range.

    • Gorgeous In Grey says:

      I was hoping I wasn’t the only realistic person out there. I can’t see myself paying that much for a scarf? But folks will pay that for a Marc Jacobs scarf, so I guess it’s no different. If you’re a fan there’s no price too high. O_o

  2. Rocquelle says:

    These are so FAB! I’m with you though; I’m going to pick up some fabric and try to do my own (but I’m not sure all of my hair can fit in the turban).

    • Gorgeous In Grey says:

      I know right! I feel like my head is big and heavy enough without a turban on it. But I do love the style on others, le sigh! I’m gonna try it … for blogging sake!

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  4. Taliah says:

    Okay…i ma not crazy about them at all. A little too extravagant for me but hey…im sure she will do well for them and as far as the price point…not loving that either. sad face. Maybe she couldve gave more variety for fashionistas who want a more simplistic turban style. u know?

  5. I really need a turban!!! They look amazing!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, you have a new follower


    • Gorgeous In Grey says:

      Awwh thanks for stopping by Flor! And yes I need to get one too. I think I may try my hand and re create one using some fabric. We’ll see! LOL

  6. iStyleLikeMe says:

    I LOVE!!! I don’t think the price point is bad… you are paying for the name and hopefully quality! But I will say that the looks and much simpler ones can be created out of scarfs that you already have … I created one out of one of my ex’s t-shirt before and I made one using a belt! So for the recessionista’s there are ways to get around this price point, you have to be creative… but for folks like me who love June and a nice Turban .. I will invest! ONCE! lol!

    Hey yall *waving* xoxo

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