Yep I #WantThatHair… Psst, I Found It With Pantene


From attempting to go natural, to doing the big chop, to my now infamous mohawk that I still rock yet no one remembers–you beauties have been with me every step of my hair journey. A little over a six months ago, I had this idea to grow my hair out. I was feening for a Cassie ponytail and I am determined to achieve it before the summer hits.

So at the first sight of a good ponytail I started to abuse that privilege, thus leading to a little breakage-OUCH! So of course I got a little excited when the folks over at Pantene asked me to try their new AgeDefy products (shampoo: $8.99, conditioner: $8.99, thickening treatment: $18.99, masque: 12.99). Between excessive blow drying and my new ponytail/hat combination my tresses needed a little pick-me-up!

Pantene is one of the first shampoos I used as a teenager. It was one of the only formulas in the 80′s that I found worked well on my easily tangled hair. I was only 13 when my mother gave me shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer, and a curling iron. She said, “Figure it out, I am not doing your hair anymore!” And so I figured it out (she wouldn’t let me ride to the mall with her unless my hair was done)!


30 years later and I am impressed by this new product from one of my favorite brands. And can we chat about how well it “checked” my grey hairs after just one use. Sure, reducing breakage and preventing split ends counts for something but these unruly yet wildly lovable greys sometimes have a party and don’t invite me (the nerve). So when I realized the shampoo and conditioner did the work my flatiron didn’t need to do, you know what I did, 30 second dance party in the bathroom mirror. So run out and getcho some now!

In the meantime read these helpful hair saving tips from Pantene celebrity stylsit Danilo:

o Enhance your approach when it comes to your hair style or look. A great haircut and a good hair color, preferably one with the least amount of chemicals, is sure to take years off your look.

o Longer hair on older women can sometimes make faces appear elongated – as we age, we are fighting gravity and this goes for hair too! Older heads of hair look great with short, geometric cuts. These styles may sound risky to some, but I find that these dramatic looks can be refreshing and make women look younger as opposed to keeping their longer locks.

o Using anti-aging hair products, such as Pantene Pro-V Age Defy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing your hair or addressing a sometimes taboo issue. This collection can be used as a preventative measure to keep you looking and feeling confident about your hair every day.

o The Pantene Pro-V Age Defy Daily Thickening Treatment is such a great product because it has cumulative benefits. Not only does this product thicken the diameter of hair strands, making hair appear fuller, but it can also be used as a root lifter. It’ll leave hair softer and shinier which will make you look younger.

o You should start any hair style with a clean base, so be sure to use the Pantene Pro-V Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner regimen in conjunction with the rest of the Age Defy collection for maximum benefits. Using the entire collection together will give you hair that’s soft, touchable and shiny.

o Sweeping hair away from your face is a great way to look 10 years younger. Pulling hair away from the face is great way to expose your facial features. Add a small side braid, starting at the temples, to incorporate into the ponytail to add a fun, youthful detail. This will also gently pull the eye area back, giving you an instant eye lift!

o Want to create a youthful looking ponytail? Instead of using an elastic, pull large pieces of hair to one side of your head and pin them loosely behind your ear. This will make your crown look fuller and thicker. This also pulls hair away from the face to expose your neck and collarbone to make you feel sexy and youthful. To take this style from day-to-night, loosely pin the remaining “ponytail” up to look like a beautiful, full side bun. Allowing pieces to fall out will create an effortless, elegant look.

o For a voluptuous, playful look, pull hair from your temples to the back of your head, including your bangs, and loosely pin it at the back of your crown. Sweeping the bangs back from the face creates a fuller style that’s sure to make you look younger.

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Pantene via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Pantene or Momtrends

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2 Responses to Yep I #WantThatHair… Psst, I Found It With Pantene

  1. Heisenglossy says:

    I love the hair!! What a beautiful color and cut!

  2. Onekka Francis says:

    I’m using Pantene for curly hair now! I’m a natural girl as of 11/18/13(BC)! I love their products, I was even using their Pantene for relaxed hair b4 the BC!

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