If I Were Oprah: Here’s What I Would Ask Kerry Washington & Shonda Rhimes

Oprah has certainly become the over sharer these days, hasn’t she?

Word on twitter is that Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington will be on Oprah’s Next Chapter. I can imagine Oprah will ask Kerry a ton of “Scandal” related questions. Oprah will also probably ask Shonda about her creativity process and her thoughts on how black women are portrayed on television. But I have some very basic questions that I would ask both Kerry and Shonda.. if I were Oprah.


Let’s start with Kerry…

  1. Are you a vegetarian? I mean she’s lost so much weight. It’s my only answer for her waif-ness!
  2. What happened to your edges? IDK why yall act like you don’t see them. Or wait, you don’t! But yall act like they are really there. She’s such a great actress. I really want her to work on restoring those edges!

And I would surely ask Shonda…

  1. Why did you kill off so many characters on Grey’s Anatomy? Did we really need to kill Lexy, McSteamy, and cut off both of Arizona’s legs? 
  2. Why does Bailey always rock a bad wig? Does it demonstrate the struggle of her character? As if being natural isn’t hard enough you have to go and put a wig over it. 
  3. Are you hiring? I’m a pretty decent writer with an active imagination. I like to think I am funny. I also fetch an amazing cup of Starbucks. #IJS

Yep I think that’s it. Obviously my questions are meant to make you laugh (and I know you did) and are by no means what I would really ask the two if I were given such an amazing opportunity.

But seriously. I would definitely pick Shonda’s brain and get more information on how she comes up with such amazing scribes. Like, does she have a special pen. I do. Not sure if it’s working but luck always makes for a good story.

Anywhos… If you were Oprah what would you ask Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes?


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  1. November 18, 2012 / 8:57 pm

    Speaking of wigs, I would seriously ask Shonda (and I guess Kerry) how does Olivia Pope look so fly all the time. I mean, clearly she is rocking a wig. WE know that. But is that part of the storyline? Does she have a personal shopper? Does she workout? I mean, all we see her do is work, love up on the President and then try to comfort that Supreme Court Justice. What does she do during her “me” time? *lol*
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