5 Ways To Save Money & Still Buy Those Prada Pumps




Since moving to New York, I’ve become quite the frugalista. One could say that I was inspired by my somewhat over-priced monthly rent payment, or perhaps it’s that astronomically priced metro card I have to get on the regular?!

Whatever my motivation is, I think it’s time that I bring my old school habits back to life and start saving some coins. I mean, I want a pair of Prada pumps too.

Here’s 3 tips to quickly save money!

TIP # 1: Let’s Make A Change

When I was younger my Dad had a huge bottle that he kept his “extra coins” in. As a kid, I remember the bottle being just as tall as I was. Can you imagine the amount of money that was in that bottle? And when I reached my pre-teen years, I would tip it over and steal the quarters and dimes for my corner store candy runs. I always got caught! It wasn’t until I had to get out on my own and pay rent that I realized how all of those pennies, nickels, and dimes added up.  

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TIP # 2: Cut The Cable

Our generation is officially hooked on #RatchetTV! But I bet you didn’t realize how much money you could save if you cut the cable and subscribed to Netflix or Hulu?!

They seriously have a wide variety of shows for your viewing pleasure. And as long as you’re ok with watching it one day later (a small price to pay to save money) this might be your best decision yet! If giving up cable is just too much for you, switch back to basic. It’s the gen-pop (general population) of TV watching, but hey, it’s still cheaper!

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TIP # 3: The First 48

48 hours seems so long, huh?! Well it’s just two days and plenty of time for you to think whether or not you REALLY need those new sneakers, or that bedazzled iPhone case. And in 48 hours if you still really want it… and it’s still there, it’s certainly a purchase meant to be, LOL.

Q. So do tell… how do you save your loot?



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  1. May 12, 2013 / 9:14 pm

    Love this…i cut my cable my hulu and netflix bill is only 14 bucks…i did all this when me and my mom lost our jobs and we were both living under the same roof trying to make it work out…we both now work and aren’t even worried about a lot of things that we gave up like cable and we enjoy that money and are using it to remodel the house…then I’m leaving which seems silly haha. I don’t miss it at all…i just need to see scandal and law and order SVU hahaha.
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  2. dani gershkow
    June 7, 2013 / 2:10 pm

    I love the first 48 idea….if youre still thinking about that product 48 hours later its a must buy! Great ways to save money.

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