So You’re Just Gonna Wear One Coat This Winter, That’s Dumb!

Ty Alexander Gorgeous In Grey Winter Layers-1

We basically went all Q4 of 2015 laughing at Winter. We bragged about how much of a punk she was for not showing up (on time) on December 21st. I’m sure of few of you all were sporting shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Day. But guess what she did?


Showed all the way up! Polar vortex is real and I won’t say I hate her (or maybe it’s a him) but it’s been a real struggle this Winter trying to be cute and go outside and be warm.


I have personal summers (read: hot flashes). Often! Even in the Winter. Actually, more often in the Winter. Don’t you dare judge me, I’m 39 and I have officially told myself that this is normal and there’s nothing anyone can say to convince me otherwise. So while I really want to take part in wearing faux furs that make us big girls look like Smokey The Bear…the way my sweat is set up…yea no! Instead, I layer up!

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I got this sleeveless vest back in the Fall, oh and it’s still available here. I totally slept on it’s fierceness though. And I should have bought all the colors available. I wore it a few times by itself but I never realized how amazingly warm this baby was until I paired it under my leather jacket. I think what I love the most about layering is that the vest can be a part of my overall look or I can take everything off.

But there was a time that layering was a foreign idea for me, so here’s a few tips before you go outside in ALL of your winter coats.

Ty Alexander Gorgeous In Grey Winter Layers

1. Make a statement with your scarfs. 2. Play with contrasting lengths. 3. Use a bright piece as your core. 4. Break up your black with a color. 5. Sport new and cooler thermals. 6. Invest in sweater sleeves. 7. Balance boxy with fitted.

Ty Alexander Gorgeous In Grey Winter Layers

So like, you’re ready for layering yes? Leave me a comment and let me how you are keeping warm this Winter.



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  1. March 5, 2016 / 1:07 pm

    love the way you did this vest up! I have an old h&m jacket pre baby that I can’t let go. I throw a fur vest over it and boom. Great tips about the scarf length also

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