It’s hard to even imagine a wool coat, knee boots, or even a cable knit sweater in 90 degree weather, but as quick as Summer arrived so will the Fall season. The new Gucci fall 2011 look book is just enough inspiration to get you thinking about what trends you want to rock when those leave begin to fall in September. Gucci shows us that for next season layers are still a must, don’t put your wide leg pants in storage, and grab a cool a pair of shorts to pair with your boots.


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5 Responses to GUCCI FALL 2011 LOOK BOOK

  1. Mordrian says:

    I love the orange-ish dress (the tenth picture) Gucci is so amazing…

  2. Lord, love me some Gucci! #9 is so cool.

  3. Number 8 is the one for me…no need to wrap it ;)

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