WHY I LOVE: CoverFX Mineral Pressed Powder

I think I just fell in love with CoverFX Mineral Pressed Powder!

When it comes to my foundation, you guys know I am was faithful to one brand. Well… they changed up their product and raised the price which drove me to seek out another base for my face (corny, I know).

Now as a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast (I am not a makeup artist), I do realized that I should be testing out more foundation but I was so afraid of the task. I see a lot of women out here with the wrong foundation on and I don’t want that to be me. 

I am grateful for brands like CoverFX who invite me to events to try out their new product. I was given a creme foundation and a pressed mineral foundation. Since I am a hater of creme anything, just takes too long to apply in my opinion, I opted to try out the powder first. 

coverfx pressed mineral powder product review

For the coverage I prefer, I didn’t have to use much of the CoverFX at all. I was absurdly surprised at how well it matched my skin. I’ll admit when I first opened the box I was worried because it looked a little on the red side. It lasted my entire work day proving to be a winner against this nasty cold of mine.

I do believe we have a winner beauties.

Visit the CoverFX here. 

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4 Responses to WHY I LOVE: CoverFX Mineral Pressed Powder

  1. Yakini says:

    Looks great on you. You are so pretty! Will check this out – it helps that we’re close in complexion so i can be lazy and skip the step of trying to match up to the right shade! :-)

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  3. MAYA says:

    Im def gonna purchase from that company, i’ve heard so many good things about it this just topped them all! What blusher do you have on in these pics btw? ITS GOORRRRGG!!! <3 XOX

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