Why You Need This Vest This Fall

Gorgeous In Grey Lace Shirt Long Black Vest IMG_0055-lo

For the longest time I had been looking for a longline vest…with pockets! I saw one on ASOS but of course I didn’t get it (now, I think it’s restocked). I was gifted this black longline vest from Forever 21 when I did the EBONY shoot.

Surprisingly when I got it I wasn’t quick to wear it. Partly because I just didn’t know what to pair with it. When I wore it on the EBONY shoot it was over top of a really short shirt dress. I have yet to wear that either.

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The Only Dress You Will Need This Fall

ty alexander gorgeous in grey tee shirt dress-1

So nobody wanted to tell me how amazing tee shirt dress were? Like not a single one of you guys. I’m so mad that none of my blogger friends sent a text, email, tweet, smoke signal…nada! Y’all so funny style.

Anyways! Did you guys know about the best dress ever? I never even thought to entertain tee shirt dresses until recently. I’ve always thought they lacked shape. And as a plus size girl, I assumed it would do nothing for me but make me look like a big saggy potato sack.

But then I found this denim tee shirt dress in Forever 21.

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My Journey To Embracing My Curves (That I Use To Hate) #PlusIsEqual

Lane Bryant Gorgeous In Grey 6There has never been a moment in my life where I wasn’t plus size. In fact, I was plus size before the world introduced us to the term plus size. As a relatively tall teenager I grew up ashamed of my curves. Partly because I had to shop at the same places my mother did. I have to give myself credit though. Somehow I figured out how to dress up those mom jeans. I even learned a cute way to tie up my plaid shirts so that it would fit tight around my wide waist—just like my skinnier friends. But I never wanted to show off too much of my body. I’ll blame my mother for that.

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4 Reasons Why I am IN LOVE (Like Seriously) With These #AvaAndViv Denim Jeans From #TargetStyle

Ty Alexander_MAW_7217

I’ve walked past this mural on the way to the Target a thousand times. It’s surrounded by familiar neighborhood finds like the bodega with the best $3 sandwiches ever, the Target (duh I just said that), the infamous Dallas BBQs and the winos shamelessly begging for your spare change (sir, there’s NO such thing). I never stopped until today. I’m thinking finding this mural was the world’s way of reminding me of all the gems we can find in the most unsuspecting places.

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