nude lipstick

So I posted this picture on Instagram this past Thursday after getting one of the best blow-outs ever from the DryBar (that one literally goes down in history, I’ll post it later)! And even though I was totally bragging about how laid my tresses were, you beauties were not here for any of that. Le sigh. Everyone wanted to know what nude lipgloss I was wearing.

For reference, you should know that I keep at least five lipstick/gloss options in my purse. My signature reds and purples, and at least one nude or pinkish color. Reds and purples are my absolute favorites but sometimes you just need to grab something quick and apply without effort. That calls for a nude!

So what brand of nude gloss do I wear?

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ty alexander gorgeousingrey

Everyone should know by now that I’ve had grey hair most of my life! Practically all of my life. I’ve written about it a few times (if you are new to my blog welcome and please read this)!

But I realized that I never really share how I specifically maintain my greys. I mean, grey hair care should be a main topic on my blog right, #KanyesShrugs! Anyone who has grey knows that them buggers are pesky, have loads of personality and often don’t listen to anything we tell them.

I get a lot of emails proclaiming that my hair is fabulous (thanks) and asking how I keep them shiny and silver.

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IMG_0896 I’m starting a new section on le blog, You Ask, I Answer. Since I get so many questions via email (y’all just don’t wanna leave a comment huh), I decided to start sharing them here. Never mind the dates on some of these emails, my inbox is rude and disrespectful. We will also ignore the fact that I’m lazy and perhaps I might need an intern.

The first question I am answering is one question I get almost daily.

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